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It was Brandon, Char, Kékéli, and Viv. The most awkward double date you could really think of, well awkward for Viv at least.

Kékéli sat beside her date and Brandon sat across from her, a little part of her pretended she was on a date with Brandon. She knew that was wrong, but she just needed him out of her system.

"We were supposed to double date with my brother, but Sierra fell asleep." Kékéli laughed.

"I love being a second choice." Char smiled, but her eyes looked dead and uninterested. He put his hand over Chars squeezing it, she was a bitch when she felt threatened and he knew Viv threatened her. But it wasn't wrong for her to be.

"You're not a second choice." He whispered to her, "You know that."

Char perked up, "Viv is though."

Viv looked at Brandon then to her, because she cared about Brandon she didn't want to put him in a position where he had to choose, or maybe she was just afraid it wouldn't be her, but that was a bitch move and she didn't think she could look past it. "What? Didn't you say that Kékéli was with that one girl Brandon?" Char didn't drop the smile from her face.

"Don't put your fucking nose where it doesn't belong before you get fucking slapped." Kékéli got up from her seat grabbing her purse, "Let's go Viv."

Viv was in disbelief, she told those things to Brandon not his girlfriend. She shook her head getting up from her seat, "Definitely forget everything I ever told you. I'm beyond over this."

Brandon was pissed, he didn't tell Charlotte anything and he didn't even know how she knew what she did, "You're a real bitch sometimes."

She just smirked calling over the waiter, "At least we know she doesn't like you anymore."

He knew it made sense to assume she went through his phone, he wanted to chase after Viv, but he again let her walk away. He just didn't know how to break Charlottes heart.

But breaking Vivs was starting to become a constant, and frankly she was over it. Tears shouldn't fall for someone who isn't even your boyfriend.

ughhh i hate that char is a bitch in this i'm about to make her a story too smh
bc she fr has my whole ass heaRT !

also i wanted to make brandon chase after her so bad and poor the drink on char but i'm sad so viv gonna be sad

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