thirty six

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She expected Brandon and Charlotte to have picked her up, because that's what she was told, but when he finally pulled up she was gone. She felt like she was being punk'd.

Brandon got out of the car to help her with her bags, she was only staying for a weekend, but she packed like she was moving in.

"Damn you're going back to La with us or what?" He teased grabbing her luggage from her hand putting it into his trunk.

"Don't go around tempting me now." She laughed getting in the passenger seat buckling up. She watched him run back to the drivers seat, "I thought Charlotte was coming."

"I broke up with her." He said shortly.

It took Viv completely off guard, he what? She gave him a look that he shrugged off, "I was thinking on the ride over here if I loved her, why do you make me happier? She doesn't deserve that, she deserves better than that. And you do too."

She didn't want to smile, but she was incredibly happy.

He looked over to her, and watched as she attempted not to smile. It was cute actually the way she chewed on her bottom lip to hide her happiness.

He looked to the road, and then back to her, "I told you I was gonna prove it to you. You're the one for me."

She was lost for words, "And I don't want you to think you owe me anything for dumping Charlotte, I should've done that so long ago. I'm content with the fact you like me, so take as long as you need with Kékéli."

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