Sage?? [Filler]

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- Yuki's pov. -
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"You want me to what?" I ask the elders with a raised eyebrow.

"Preform the dragon dance and then we will tell you why we have called you here." One of the younger elders states.

"You're serious?" I ask with a disbelieving tone.

"Yuki." My father says in a tired tone from dealing with the elders all day. "Just do as they say."

Sighing I nod before getting into a stance and beginning. I moved through the movements smoothly as I had been doing this dance every celebration the clans has. I danced the group piece more often which required a dragon costume; the solo however didn't.

Coming to the end, I do the final kick before landing in the ending stance and bow towards the elders

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Coming to the end, I do the final kick before landing in the ending stance and bow towards the elders. Standing up, I cross my arms and stare at the elders silently, waiting for them to speak.

Once I had finished they all turned towards each other and began talking, pulling my father in at points to get his opinion before they finished and turned to face me. The youngest elder, I think his name was Kō, stood up and walked over to the sliding paper door that lead to the garden and let in a dragon.

It had shrunk down to a size where it was able to walk around without crushing anyone, but still big enough to understand the magnitude of the power it possessed. It had red scales running down its body, deer like horns on its head, and flames going down its back where hair/fur would be on some. It shrank again as it stepped into the room once it noticed it would set the building on fire should their back hit a wall.

Once in the room the dragon looked towards the elders and asked in a deep voice, "Is this her?"

The oldest elder, Hį, spoke up while the others and my father remained silent. "Yes, this is her. She has the wings of the one before her."

This confused me. As far as I was aware, no one had the same color wings as I did. The elders even told me that there hadn't been someone with the color since the First Shinobi War where our clan took place in battle before escaping to The Valley.

What I didn't know was they weren't talking about the color of my wings, but the type.

The dragon nodded towards Hį before walking around me, inspecting me, as if I was for sale.

It then nodded in approval before turning towards my father and addressing him. "I will inform Kashikoi-sama."

The dragon then left in a reverse summons, leaving the room in silence.

After several beats of silence I spoke, "Care to explain?"

My father sighs before patting to the cushion besides him for me to sit before dismissing the elders, despite their protests. Once they were gone, my father addressed me.

"You are aware of the seven types of wings, correct?"

I nod in agreement before urging him to continue.

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