Chapter 1:

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Daniella's POV

As I walked through the doors I felt all eyes on her. I quickly smile at the superstars before walking to Vince's office. After a long time of debating whether to run off or knock, I do what my dad would do, just walk in. Walking in Vince looks up from his computer and looks at me with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm Daniella Ramon sir, you called saying you wanted to speak with me?" I spoke softly.

"Ah yes, Razor Ramon's only daughter, now Daniella I was thinking of signing you to WWE," Vince began,"you're the opposite of your dad from a first glance so it'll be a perfect opportunity for you."

I quickly process what had just been offered to me and finally agree since I know my dad would be lecturing me on a perfect opportunity gone. After signing all the papers to say I'm signed Vince quickly shoos me out to go meet the other divas.

Walking the halls I say hi to some of the divas I see before stopping when I see AJ. Now growing up watching wrestling my whole entire life, I control my inner fan girl before walking up to her.

"Um hi, I'm Daniella and I'm the newest diva here." I state shyly before sticking out my hand for her to shake.

AJ smiles and shakes it, "I'm AJ but you can call me April if you want." I smile at her and we continue to talk.

AJ walks me to the divas locker room just as we're about to walk in she turns to me, and asks me what my last name is.

"Oh it's Ramon. My dad is Razor Ramon." I tell her. She nods her head before walking in.

"Guys this is Daniella and she's the new diva here." AJ tells everyone.

"Hi everyone I'm glad to be working with all of you." I say cheerfully.

"Hey I'm Nikki and this is Brie, we just want to say welcome and want to know if you want to head to the gym?" Nikki asks me. I nod my head smiling before getting ready.


At the gym I automatically bond with them and just loosen up around Nikki and Brie. After working out for almost an hour, we take a break.

"Oh my gosh, Daniella I forgot to tell you, stay away from the shield guys." Nikki tells me out of the blue.

"Why what's so bad about them, I mean they're nothing compared to my dad." I say more confident than I expected.

"They're really rude and don't care about anyone else besides themselves." Brie tells me.

I just nod thinking they're over exaggerating.

"We'll be right back I gotta head to the restroom." Brie says.

Not even a minute after they leave I feel someone sit by me. Looking up I see it's Dean Ambrose. I roll my eyes before looking back at my phone before it's taking away from me.

"Um I would like my phone back." I say with annoyance looking at Dean smirk while holding my phone.

"What this phone?" Dean asks while wagging my phone in my face.

"Yeah that phone idiot." I say bitterly

"Since you said that, I might keep it. Oh and your dad texted you saying 'make sure you pop that dude in the face if he bothers you '." Dean says.

Trying to reach for my phone I see a hand get my phone and hands it to me. Smirking I take it and reply back quickly.

"Thank you Nikki, now Dean if you don't mind we need to work out." I say trying to walk away before he grabs my elbow.

"I've never seen you around Raw or Smackdown, aren't you that new diva?" Dean asks me

"Maybe I am but either I am or not, it's certainly not your business." I say sounding more like my dad.

"Yo Dean, what's taking so long?" I hear a voice walk over towards us.

"Let's go Nikki we can workout another time." I say trying to walk away but Dean pushes me back

"Don't you ever touch me again, you have no idea who I am." I tell him through gritted teeth.

"Or what you're gonna pop me?" He asks mocking my dad.

Since I have the temper of my dad, I reacted without thinking and just punched him straight in the face. Looking at Brie and Nikki they start laughing and drag me away before I hit him again.

The dude that called Dean chuckled darkly,"you're gonna wish you never did that to my partner 'cause now you're gonna deal with the shield!" I hear him yell at me.

That was a great first day I thought to myself.

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