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Chapter 18

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Seth's POV

It was already Friday and I was walking outside the arena when I saw a familiar face on a Maxim Magazine. I picked up the magazine and started reading her interview which was 3 or 4 pages long not including her pictures.

Sighing I payed the dude who was selling the magazine before walking off to the arena so I could start warming up. I went to the locker rooms and started looking through the magazine to see lots of pictures of her.

Getting to the actual interview, it was mostly about her wrestling career and a few questions about her family. One of them stood out as she talked about her siblings and her mom, who didn't want her to join WWE at all. Her sister's name was Guadalupe who was 27 and Daniella described them two as twins. Her brother was Alejandro who was only 19,and her mom was Erika who was one year younger than her dad. She talked about how she hasn't spoken to them since she joined WWE.

I figured out a plan for later tonight after she wins her match against Naomi. I planned to get inside her head so she doesn't win at Money In The Bank.

It was almost the end of Daniella's match and once I heard her theme song go off I walked out of the curtain. Daniella held her title on her shoulder looking at me confused while I just smirked proudly.

"Congratulations Daniella," I started,"I don't mean to interrupt your victory but I have one question for you."

"And what's that?"Daniella asks still looking confused.

"How's Guadalupe doing?" I ask her smirking.

Daniella's eyes get wide as I mention her sister's name. My smirk gets even bigger as I think of something else.

"No better yet, how's you mom and Alejandro doing?"

"Don't you ever mention my family's name ever again!" she basically yells.

I smirk at her and taunt her by repeating Guadalupe's name over and over again. She starts pacing back and forth in the ring gripping her hair and mumbling something.

I walk out feeling satisfied with what I did to her walking down the hall stopping by the food table.

Daniella's POV

I had lost it and walked out of the ring to find Seth asking where he went.

I finally found him and gripped my title firmly before hitting him on the back of the head. Seth drops to the floor and I pick him back up to slam his face onto the table. I jumped on top of him hitting him, pulling his hair, and then scratching him. I picked up one of the trays of food and threw it at his face and kept doing that until I just broke down.

I sat down on the floor and looked at the mess I made before crying on the floor. I heard people check on Seth before checking on me asking if I was okay or if he tried hitting me. I just picked up my title and walked out ignoring everyone calling my name until I felt someone turn me around to face them.

I look up to see it's Seth glaring at me, but his eyes soften when he saw my red puffy eyes looking at him emotionless.

"Daniella come on the doctor wants to see you." Seth says trying to take me to the trainer's room, but I pull my arm back and look at him.

"Don't act like you care about me when I know you don't, and you never had." I say before walking out of the arena and onto the street trying to focus on Sunday.

I could hear Seth call my name trying to have me turn around, but I kept walking. I don't know where, but I just wanted to get away from the arena.

I was at the hotel laying in bed while staring at the ceiling until I hear a knock on my door. I ignore it, but the knocks were getting louder and harder so I went to open it.

Once I opened it I automatically regretted it when I saw Seth standing there, looking pissed off. I try closing the door but he forces it to stay open while walking in the room. I roll my eyes as I walk towards the bed covering my face in the covers, thinking if I couldn't see him he wasn't there.

That was until he lifts the covers from the bed and he's looking at me with wonder and worry. I grab the pillow and put it over my face so I couldn't see him, but he took the pillow too.

"Daniella what is wrong with you?" Seth asks me.

I just ignored him and looked at the door. That was the wrong thing to do because next thing I know, I was out of the bed, and pinned against the wall. Looking at Seth he was pissed off at me for ignoring him, but I didn't care.

His nails were digging into my skin as he held my arms. I glared at him trying to get out of his grip but he sunk his nails in deeper.

"What. The. Hell. Is. Wrong. With. You?" Seth says getting angrier.

"You are what's wrong okay!" I shout at him.


"You try to manipulate me and hurt me, but then the next minute you're acting like you care about me."

Seth backs up from me letting my arms go, then he starts throwing the hotel's stuff around. I sigh and try to tell Seth to get out of the room. He finally notices I want him out of the room, and walks out mumbling cuss words kicking the wall.

I start cleaning up before Brie gets back from wherever she went after Smackdown. After I finish I get in bed and pray Sunday goes okay for me at MITB before actually going to sleep.

It was Saturday night and all I did that day was stay in bed, minus the times I went to the bathroom, ate in the kitchen, and trained at the hotel's gym. I was too focused on Sunday that I didn't do anything else besides that. I laid in bed going over a plan with Dean to see how I could screw Seth tomorrow during the ladder match.

Then Dean came up with an amazing idea that was so simple, but Seth wouldn't even see it coming tomorrow. We went over it before he fell asleep while we going over the plan. I laugh and decide to fall asleep, I hung up the phone and fell asleep.

Seth's POV

I was in the middle of the ring holding a ladder to set it up to climb and grab the briefcase until I see Rob Van Dam turn me around and I get a kick to the head. I see him start to climb the ladder until Jack pushes him off the ladder and sets up another ladder. Kofi and Dean are fighting outside the ring and I see Dolph on the ladder taking blows from Jack and they continue punching until they both fall off. I take the opportunity to climb up the ladder but that's when I feel the ladder start shaking.

I look down and see Daniella attempting to push it down. Sighing I step down and walk up to her as she glares at me.

"Daniella what are you doing?" I ask her irritated.

"This." that's all she said before punching me repeatedly.

I stumble back and she grabs some of my hair before throwing me into ladder that was in the corner. I clutched my shoulder as I saw her help Dean up, he looks at her confused but climbs the ladder and grabs the briefcase. Everyone cheers as he holds it up above his head, while Daniella claps and hugs him as soon as he gets down from the ladder.

I glare as he lifts her up and spins her holding the briefcase. The briefcase was supposed to be mine, and Daniella was supposed to be mine but I messed it all up. They walk out laughing and Daniella looks at me and smirks mouthing 'you just got screwed'.

Daniella was gonna get what she deserves after her match tonight, I thought to myself. I got up and limped backstage to change and wait. I quickly went to the audience waiting for her match. I was gonna make her pay for costing me the briefcase tonight.

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