Chapter 25

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Seth's POV

Last night's match didn't end how it was supposed to end. When the lights went back on, Daniella wasn't in the ring and neither was the Wyatts. On Raw they are going to show the highlights, but they're gonna focus on the tag team match.

I was in Hunter's office watching the TV and they were starting the show. It showed all the matches, but the last one was ours. It showed Daniella kissing me, Guadalupe rolling Randy up, Jeff holding Daniella, and then the Wyatts taking Daniella.

The Authority was opening the show and we were all standing there in the ring. I looked at Randy and he was glaring at me. Luckily Kane was in the middle of us two but if he wasn't Randy could be attacking me right now. Stephanie was the first one to talk.

"I know a lot of you think Hunter and I sent the Wyatts to get Daniella, but you all would be wrong." Stephanie said. Hunter started talking afterwards.

"Exactly Stephanie, we wouldn't waste our time on a petty little girl. I mean, if we wanted to send them on her, we would've done that in the beginning."

Everyone started booing and Hunter started smiling. Randy took the microphone from Stephanie and started pacing around the ring.

"Hunter, there's one thing that I haven't been able to get off my mind. Near the end of the match, I went to tag my partner, but where was he? He was locking lips with Daniella outside the ring while I got pinned inside the ring!"

The crowd started cheering after he said we were kissing and I looked down at the floor. I looked back up and saw everyone staring at me and I held my hands up in defense. I took the microphone from Randy and started talking.

"Guys, why are you mad at me? You guys should be mad at Randy, I mean he was the one pinned." I looked at Randy then continued,"Did you forget who put you in a small package Randy? It was Guadalupe who got the win and honestly that's really embarrassing since she doesn't know how to wrestle."

Randy was about to say something but the lights went down and Bray's voice was on the tiantron.

"You guys need to stop worrying about sweet Abigail, because she's safe and sound. I mean she's right here with me right now."

Bray moved out of the way and Daniella was on a chair tied up with bruises and scratches on her. She tried screaming but she had a cloth in her mouth.

"Abigail is safe from the Authority, but mostly safe from you Seth Rollins. I know what happened after Monday night and I think everyone wants to know what happened." Bray said making Daniella start yelling and moving in her chair.

"Put the video on the tiantron now!"

Suddenly the video of Daniella and I at the gym started playing. I watched as it showed us talking, her trying to walk away, us wrestling in the ring, and then it showed us kissing. The crowd went crazy and I felt all eyes on me, specifically Randy. It showed Bray walking in the gym yelling at us two and then I stormed out of the gym leaving Daniella alone. The one part I didn't see was Daniella covering her face shaking her head before she walked out of the gym.

The video disappeared and went back to Bray who was smiling. Daniella was in the background with her head down crying.

Daniella's POV

I kept my head down after the video was over. I refused to look up until Bray went over to me.

"What do you have to say for yourself Abigail?" Bray asked taking off the cloth.

"Go rot in hell asshole!" I screamed at Bray.

The whole arena went crazy and I heard Jerry Lawler laughing. I suddenly felt a punch to my left cheek and I snapped my head to the side. I felt tears in my eyes but I refused to cry right there.

After that Raw went on commercial and the door started to open. I looked over and saw Bray was messing with something. In walked Jeff, Dean, and Roman holding bats in hand and leaving the door wide open.

Dean and Roman started attacking Bray while Jeff was untying the ropes from the chair. I saw the cameras rolling everything and once the ropes came off I hugged Jeff. I turned back around to get Dean and Roman off of Bray, but instead I got Dean's bat hitting me on my knee. I yelped and that's when they stopped hitting him with the bats.

Jeff got me up while Dean and Roman followed behind us. The show just got back from commercial and they showed what happened backstage. I looked down as we walked down the halls until we made it to the trainer's room. I sat down while I waited for the doctor to get back so I can get checked out.

"So what was that kiss all about last night Daniella?" Roman asked.

"That was part of my plan. Pretend to get hurt and then distract Seth by doing something very drastic." I explain to them.

Dean starts clapping his hands and laughing.

"You deserve a Grammy Daniella, you really do because that was an amazing performance." Dean said.

I laughed and saw the doctor come in the room. He started checking my knee and said it's not broken but it will have a major bruise. Dean, Roman, and Jeff leave the trainer's room since they have a tag team match later tonight. I walk out of the trainer's room and head down the halls until I'm face to face with Randy. I try walking around him but he steps in front of me blocking my path.

I fold my arms across my chest and glare at him. I turned on my heel trying to walk the other way but I saw Kane blocking the other way. This was the first time I had an encounter with Kane so I started backing up away from him.

I bumped into Randy once again and I slowly turned around to face him. He grabbed hold of my arm and dragged me somewhere near the very back of the arena. I eventually got out of his grip and started running away from him towards the ring area.

I heard Kane and Randy yelling at me but I lost them for a second. I kept running and made it through the curtains interrupting Seth's singles match against RVD. I was catching my breath when I heard Randy's voice come closer and I started running towards the time keeper's area.

That's when Randy came out of breath and started chasing me around the ring. I jumped into the ring trying to get away from him. RVD was looking at me and I gave him an apologetic smile while backing into the turnbuckle. I looked to my sides and saw Kane and Seth blocking my way of getting away. Randy grabbed hold of my arm trying to pull me away from the corner, but I held on to the ropes tightly.

"Come on Daniella let go of the ropes!" Randy shouted at me.

I tightened my hold on the ropes and I felt him let go of my arm. I looked up and saw Kane get in the ring facing me. I held my hands up trying to have space between us but I felt his hand grip my throat tightly. I tried prying his hands off but he tightened his grip. That's when the sinister theme song came on and the Wyatts came running down the ramp.

I gained the opportunity to roll out of the ring and stand by the announce table. Bray was arguing with Randy until all six of them looked towards me. I was sitting on the floor looking at all of them in the ring gulping, my heart beat racing.

They all started getting out of the ring and I was backing up until my back met the barricade. I looked towards the ramp and saw Dean, Roman, Jeff, John, and Daniel running towards them and starting a fight. I stood there as the fight was taking place right in front of me.

I tried looking for an exit but everyone was blocking my way. That was until Hunter came out looking really mad at what had just happened out here.

"Tonight, there will be a 12-man tag team match with the Wyatts and Randy, Seth and Kane. Against the team of Dean, Roman, John, Daniel, and.."

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