Chapter 51

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Seth's POV

No one has heard from Daniella in over three weeks. She hasn't been showing up to work, hasn't contacted anyone, nothing. Tomorrow is going to be crazy with The Authority. There's been lots of superstars tweeting out what happened on Monday. I grab my phone and start scrolling through Twitter. Right on the top of the of the homepage is Daniella.

So disgusted about what happened to all three of my good friends on Monday. I'm so glad I'm heading back to that ring soon.

I continue to scroll through until I turn on the hotel tv. The first thing that pops up on is TMZ. I sigh, about to change the channel, but the next topic catches my eye. Daniella suddenly appears on the screen and she is squeezing through paparazzi.

"Okay guys, so apparently WWE diva, Daniella went to rehab for a little bit. Sources claim she was having some substance abuse problems and depression." One of the people say. Anticipation grows inside of me as he shows a video of her. Daniella is walking out of a small office building and is met with paparazzi. They flash cameras in her face as they continue to ask her questions. She politely tells them to have a good night and gets in her car.

"I've met Daniella in the past and if she was depressed, then she really didn't show it. Daniella is a genuine nice girl and she might've been put under pressure if she did go into depression." Harvey Levin comments.

"Well if she ever needs comforting, she knows that I'm always here for comfort." Max smirks to himself. The inside of me books with anger as he said that and I turn off the tv.

Daniella's POV

The crowd cheers as I walk inside the arena. A cameraman was filming me and I tried to ignore him. I say a quick hi to a few backstage workers and adjust my title. My walking is cut short as I come face-to-face with Nikki and Brie. The two of them smirk as they look at me. I shift and glare at the two of them.

"Look Brie, it's little Daniella. How was rehab, I know it's been awhile since you've been here. So as a good fellow employee, let me break it down for you. I am going to take that title from you and become the divas champion once again." Nikki declares confidently. Brie smirks as she pats her sister's shoulder.

"That's a really bold prediction Nikki. But don't you think maybe Brie wants a shot at this?" I ask curiously. The two twins look at each other with caution. My smirk grows as I form a great plan. "So how about this, tonight there will be a battle royal to see who will face me at the Royal Rumble for this." I walk away and pat both of their shoulders. I continue walking back to the divas locker room.

"Honey I'm home!" I shouted as I walked into the locker room. Some of the divas looked over and embraced me into a hug. The others weren't so happy about seeing me back. I placed my gym bags next to Naomi's and started grabbing my ring gear. The door swung open, catching all of our attention. There stood Stephanie McMahon herself smiling at all of us. Anger boiled inside of me as she made her way over to me.

"Daniella, I see you're back and better than ever. I must say, your idea of having a battle royal to see who will be your opponent at the Royal Rumble is a glorious idea. So I wish you all good luck and remember: it's everyone for themselves." Stephanie smirks as she walks out of the locker room. The girls look at me and I grab my clothes and head for the showers.


I sit at commentary as I watch the battle royal. So far Summer Rae, Rosa, Layla, Cameron, Alicia, and Emma have all been eliminated. The only people left are Natalya, Brie, Nikki, and Naomi. All four of them go at it and try to eliminate each other. Nikki puts Natalya in the rack attack and tosses her over the ropes. When Nikki was laughing at Natalya, Naomi tries eliminating her from behind until Brie comes and eliminated both of them. The bell rings as the referee raises Brie's hand. Honestly, I am surprised that Brie won that battle royal instead of Nikki. I smirk as Nikki gets back in the ring. The two of them start arguing about the match.

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