Chapter 42

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Daniella's POV

"Daniella actually wear something nice for this date!" Brie yells at me.

"I can't, I only brought jeans and t-shirts to the house." I said fixing my hair.

I look in the bathroom mirror and adjust my red beanie. I was just wearing a simple white shirt with some high waisted jeans. Smiling I walked out and headed down the stairs.

"I'm ready for my date with Seth." I announce.

Brie looks at me and sighs in disappointment. I laugh and sit down on the couch in front of the TV. I quickly pull out my phone and start playing Rolly Birds.

I already texted Seth the address and he should be here any minute. Looking at the clock, it was already 6:45. He wasn't going to show up to pick me up, it's already too late.

Seth's POV

Come on, just knock on the door and pick her up. That's simple enough to do. I looked behind me and made sure everything was in place and perfect. Here goes nothing.

I knocked on the door and waited. What felt like hours, Daniella finally opened the front door and shock was written all over her face. I was wearing a black shirt with a leather jacket and some jeans on. It was something I would usually wear for a date but this time it felt different.

"Um Seth, why is there a carriage in the driveway?" she asked stepping out of the house.

"That carriage is going to be taking us anywhere you want to go. How about it Daniella?" I looped my arm through hers.

"Why not. You could actually start living your princess dreams that you always had growing up." she walked ahead and got in the carriage.

This has to go as I planned it. I hopped in and sat right next to Daniella who looked around. The carriage started and we pulled away from the driveway.

Daniella's POV

This "date" or whatever you want to call it, was actually going pretty good. We had made a quick pit stop at a gas station since your highness drank too many slurpees. I laughed when he came out with another slurpee in hand.

"I couldn't resist, they were calling my name." he explained when he got back.

"You are the weirdest person I've ever met Seth." I giggled.

He shoved me playfully and we continued on out little date. We were on the main road when I spotted a familiar face walking on the sidewalk.

"Emilia!" I shouted.

The carriage stopped and I jumped out racing to Emilia. I tackled her to the ground and landed on top of her. At first she was shocked until she realized who it was.

"Daniella!" she said excitedly.

I brush myself off and help her to her feet. Seth is walking towards us slowly, still unsure about what happened.

"I haven't seen you since your debut match at NXT." I tell her.

"Yeah well you were signed to the main roster." Emilia told me.

"Um Daniella, who's this?" seth asked from behind me.

"Oh this is Emilia. Emilia this is Seth Rollins, Seth this is Emilia Garcia.We've been best friends since middle school." I explained to him.

"Nice to meet you Seth. I've seen some of your segments on Raw. And I just have to say," she pauses and takes a step to him.

She grabs his arm and pins him against the nearest wall. I laugh as Seth struggles to get off the wall.

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