Chapter 47

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Daniella's POV

I can't get that image out of my head. Seth had broke one of our promises and he can't take that back. So now I'm just destroying Paige in the backstage area of Smackdown. It's no big deal since she destroyed me and Seth's relationship. This is kind of like getting even now.

Referees finally show up and they pull me off of her. I back away before grabbing a plate of food and throwing it at her. She is being checked on by the medical team and that's when I decide to head to the ring. Many superstars and divas stare at me as I walk by, but they keep their mouths shut. Finally, I make it to the curtains just as Seth's match is coming to an end.

They start to play my music and I make my way down the ramp. Seth stops in the middle of the ring as he sees me, giving Dolph Ziggler the chance to capitalize. The bell rings and I smile as Seth throws a tantrum in the middle of the ring. I take this as the chance to rant and get some things off my chest. Lillian hands me a microphone, already knowing what I'm going to do.

"Hey babe, I see you didn't win your match against Dolph." I said smirking at him.

Seth glares at me as Joey and Jamie talk to him in the corner. He heads to the other side of the ring and grabs a microphone from Lillian. My smirk never leaves my face as he starts pacing around the ring.

"Look Daniella, I know you're mad at me because of what happened on Monday, but you need to understand that I didn't know that Paige was going to do that after the match." Seth tries to explain.

"So you knew that Paige was going to attack me during our match?" I question.


"Of course he did, Seth's the one who called her personally and asked her to attack you." Jamie interrupts Seth. Seth looks at Jamie and Joey and tells them to leave. For once this week I agree with Seth.

"Look, I sort of had something to do with Paige attacking you, but I didn't know she was going to kiss me."

"Yeah sure you didn't Seth. Aren't you going to ask where she is? I mean, you two have been getting close lately."

"Daniella, on Raw I just wanted to show you who you belonged to."

"Who I belong to? I don't belong to anyone Seth." I tell him angrily.

"Baby please don't make this any harder then it needs to be." Seth pleads.

"Seth, do you not realize that you saying that I belong to you means you are so insecure?" I question him. His face drops slightly before it turns into a scowl. He takes a step towards me and I take a step back.

"I don't know what I saw in you, you're just a spoiled little brat." Seth says through gritted teeth. I know Seth was actually going to use another word instead of brat but I just let it slide.

"So what now Seth? If we're done, then move out of the way so I can leave." I told him. He was staring at me before he stepped back. My eyes looked to the floor as I stepped past him. I walked towards the ropes before looking at him. Seth had his back towards me and his crossed over his chest.

I took a deep breath before stepping out of the ring. The crowd started booing him and they were chanting my name. I'm not going to go running back to him like I used to. If he wanted to end it, then that's fine. As soon as I step in the back, Emilia is standing right there looking mad. Next thing I know, she starts running down the ramp.

Seth's POV

As soon as she left ringside, I lost it. I headed to the announce table and started throwing stuff. I slid through the ropes and was screaming at the top of my lungs. The crowd was cheering and I thought it was Daniella until someone jumped on top of me. I felt small hands hit me on my back and I rolled over to see who it was. Emilia was right there yelling and screaming.

"You broke her heart you sick bastard!" She shouted.

"No, I didn't do that. She broke mine and left me!" I shouted back at her.

"You let her walk out and didn't even try to stop her!"

I pushed her off me and stood up. She looked up from the ground and stared at me. Before I could say anything, Dean and Roman ran in the ring and stood in front of me. I almost forgot Dean and Emilia were dating since they kept it private. The whole arena was chanting Roman's name.

"I should've known that Daniella was too good for you. I should've kept her away from you, but I didn't. Now look what you did Seth, you broke her heart." Roman said through gritted teeth. I shook my head looking towards the back. He pushed my head back and took a step closer.

"You keep your eyes on me buddy."

I glared at him and rolled out of the ring. I don't have time for this, I need to find Daniella right now. The walk up the ramp seemed longer than usual. As soon as I got backstage, everyone glared at me. I kept my head down and looked everywhere for Daniella. Finally I saw the divas locker room. I pulled open the door and was met with girls screaming at me.

I scanned the room until I saw her. Daniella's back was to me as she was packing her stuff back up. I started heading towards her until The Bella's and AJ stood in front of me. They were all glaring at me and the other divas formed a circle around me. Daniella finally turned around with her bag on her shoulder and the title in hand. Her eyes met mine before walking out the door.

"Daniella wait!" I shouted. I tried moving forward but got pushed back by Nikki and Brie. Everywhere I turned, I was met by angry divas. The door opened with a slam and everyone looked up. Emilia stormed in and grabbed her bag before looking at us.

"You can let him go, Daniella already left the arena." She said with a wicked smirk. Everyone backed up and started talking like nothing happened. Emilia walked out and I was quick to follow her.

"Where did Daniella go, Emilia?" I asked angrily.

"How would I know, she just walked out and said she'll call me later." She said and headed towards Dean's locker room.

I groaned and headed to my locker room. Joey and Jamie were right there talking to Paige. They all looked up and I glared at them. Paige tried hugging me but I pushed her away from me. She landed on the couch with a thud as she hit her hip on the arm rest. Joey eyes widened as Jamie tried helping Paige up.

"All of you get the hell out of my locker room!" I shouted at them. They didn't waste any time as they scurried out of the locker room. I plopped down on the couch and sighed. I looked to my right and saw a picture of me and Daniella at the park. I don't even remember what park, but I know that day didn't end well.

Basically we were fine until I made her carry my briefcase. She stormed off and I followed after her and we ended up in a screaming match. People were recording and she basically left in a taxi. When we got to the hotel it wasn't that much better. She started throwing stuff including my briefcase and I had to explain to her why I even had the briefcase. It's a pretty good story actually, The Authority made Dean give it to me so he could focus on his feud with Bray.

I'm caught out of my thoughts when my phone rings. I grab it and look at the screen hoping it's Daniella. There's a number I don't recognize but answer it anyways. There's noises in the background and the person takes awhile to start talking.

"Is this Seth Rollins?" The voice asks.

"Um yeah this is him, who is this?" I question.

"Daniella was involved in a car accident and she's being taken to the hospital."

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