Chapter 12

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Daniella's POV

The next morning I wake up to my alarm beeping until I turn to hit snooze but eventually fall off the hotel's bed. Groaning I get up and look at my phone to see messages from Brie.

Daniella get up it's Wrestlemania today!

You're probably asleep like always but I'm still texting you.

You have to be at the arena before 3:30 so hurry up and get up!

Daniella it's 2 you're either still asleep or really drunk.

That one was the last message from her and I look up to see it's 3. I get up and start changing into my NWO t-shirt and some light washed blue jeans with some converse with my hair in a ponytail. I grab everything and head out the door before driving off to the arena. I run inside before bumping into Stephanie.

"I am so sorry Stephanie I woke up late and I rushed to get over here." I quickly explained.

"It's alright Daniella you are actually on time." she tells me.

I nod my head as I pull my bag into the locker room and I grab my phone and play some music as I change into my ring gear and start warming up.

Then a knock on the door interrupts my warm up. I get up and open the door to see Dean leaning against the door frame. I sigh, looking at him with annoyance.

"What do you want Dean?" I ask him annoyed that he interrupted my warm up.

"Well I just wanted to wish you good luck tonight on behalf of the shield." he tells me.

"Uh thanks I guess." I tell him closing the door but he jams his foot in to stop it from closing.

"And I also want to wish you good luck for tomorrow if you win cause you will have a target on your back." he says before walking off. I sigh and close the door and look at my phone to see it's 8:00 and I gulped as I put it away and turned on the TV. They were showing videos of yesterday and they showed my speech. I smiled as they started the show and I kept track of who won each match until mine was about to start.

I walked out and saw AJ standing there smiling at me. We automatically hugged each other and I looked at her title smiling at how I had a 50/50 chance. Her music started and she started skipping down the ring as she got a mixture of cheers and boos as she held up her title. Then the NWO song started and I walked out smiling as I highfived a few of the fans before getting into the ring. AJ and I shook hands and the match started as we locked up.

20 minutes into the match and we were both tired and I looked up to see AJ looking at me. I stood up and she ran and put me in the black widow making sure to keep a right grip. Somehow I managed to power out of it and I DDT'ed her and I went in for the pin. 1..2..3! I sat down on my knees and covered my mouth in shock as I felt happy tears fall down my cheeks. Grabbing the title I held it up and helped AJ to her feet before hugging her in the middle of the ring. She looked at me raised my arm and said congratulations before we walked up the ramp towards the back.

Seth's POV

I watched as I saw Daniella pick up her victory to become Diva's champion. I smiled and looked down at my scars and started to frown at the fact we lost on the grandest stage of them all. I looked at Roman and Dean before walking out to find Daniella to congratulate her. I saw her talking to Phil and AJ before Phil hugged her and spun get around. I clenched and unclenched my fists before walking over to her.

She turned around and smiled at me before hugging me. I was taken back by her hugging me but I hugged her back before I let go. Daniella was smiling like an idiot as she held her title closely.

"You were right Seth, I would win the title tonight." she said her smile getting wider.

I just smiled and nodded my head. She looked up and her smile dropped.

"I'm sorry you didn't win your match tonight Seth, but you guys put took them to hell and back." she said.

I shrugged my shoulders before looking over and saw Hunter calling me over to talk.

"I better go see what he wants." I say and walk off before she could say anything else leaving her alone. When I went to his office and we discussed the rest of the storyline. At that moment, I didn't expect everything to spiral out of control and go downhill.

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