Chapter 56

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Daniella's POV

"Hi, it's Daniella from WWE, I just wanted to call and inform you that I will be late to the interview. Yes, Seth is heading over there right now. Okay I will and I'm sorry for the inconvenience." I hang up the phone. It took me five times until someone finally answered my phone calls. The taxi driver makes a sharp turn and I move to the left and collide with the car window. I glare at the driver, but he ignores me and keeps driving. After calling for a cab, realizing I didn't have any of my belongings besides my phone, boarding a plane, and now in another taxi, I'm pretty much screwed the rest of the drive. I don't know if Seth is already there or not since he's now ignoring my text messages and phone calls. The taxi driver slams on the brakes and I lurch forward and make contact with the passenger seat. I look out the window and see we're already outside the interview place.

"Thanks for the unsafe ride man, I really appreciate it." I say getting out of the car. I throw a twenty dollar bill at the driver and start walking up to the front doors of the building. Once I step inside, I'm whisked by a group of people to a room and they start plugging in a microphone. One of them add a tiny microphone that goes on my shirt. I raise my eyebrows and the door opens to reveal Seth and the interviewer. Seth's gaze is now focused on me as he sits next to me in two chairs. The interviewer starts recording and talks to us for a little bit, and I only answered a few questions since they were questions Seth had to answer.

"Now the final question for the two of you, have you and Seth ever been romantically involved with each other since you first debuted?" David asked us.

"Seth and I have never ever been together. Yes on-screen we were together, but besides that, we never really had a romantic relationship. The two of us were and still are good friends." I lie. Seth stares at me with shock and David nods his head. Seth doesn't even have a chance to respond since David ends the interview at that. I quickly tear off the small microphone and exit the small room. You would think that this big of a building that they would have bigger rooms. Seth follows me out of the building and into the small parking lot.

"You didn't have to lie in there. You should've told everyone the truth about us and not some lie." Seth shouts from behind me. I ignore him as I continue to walk around aimlessly to find his rental. His hand grabs my arm and drags me to the next section over. I see a silver car in the very first spot and he presses a button to unlock it. He lets go of my arm and steps into the car as he slams the car door when he sits down. I roll my eyes and slide into the passenger side. I plug my headphones into my phone as Seth starts driving out of the parking lot. After 15 minutes of driving, Seth finally pulls into the parking lot for Smackdown's show. I get out of the car and grab my stuff from the back seat of the car and make my way to the entrance of the arena. Some superstars move out of the way so I can walk through. Fear is evident in their eyes as they look at me and I keep a poker face.

"Daniella, can we talk for a minute?" I hear someone call my name. I turn around and see Dean making his way towards me. I stop walking and wait for him to catch up. He has bruises on his arms and scratch marks on him. Dean motions me to follow him towards catering and I follow behind him. I already know what he's going to talk about and I'm not really looking forward for this conversation with the lunatic fringe.

"Look, I know that you really want to get your hands on Emilia. But you have to remember what you guys have been through. Do you really want to ruin a friendship over a title?" Dean asks me. I shake my head and let out a bitter laugh as he finishes his statement. "You of all people should know what it's like to be betrayed by someone you considered your family. Emilia threw away our friendship once she super kicked me after our tag team match. It's pretty clear that Emilia never cared about our friendship like I did Dean. So you can tell your little girlfriend that come Wrestlemania, I am going to kick her ass and remind her why I was the better wrestler in our friendship." I tell Dean. I stand up and take my stuff to my locker room, leaving a dumbfounded Dean by himself. I hated arguing with one of my best friends, but I'm not going to deal with him being the protective boyfriend.

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