Author's Note!

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OMG thank you guys for 1k views!! I didn't know so many people read my book! I just want to thank everyone who has been reading it since the beginning.

Even all of you who are just beginning to read it, thank you so much! Without all of you 1k people, I would probably think my writing is horrible but now, I think it's pretty decent.

I honestly make the story up as I go along. The story started with a dream I had and I thought why not make a story out of this. So thank you brain for having that dream.

Hopefully more people read, comment and vote. Also, thank you to Emely760 for messaging me on wattpad. Don't be scared to ask for my kik cause I'll be happy to talk to a few of you wwe fans.

That's it for this author's note. So I'll update the next chapter Friday! Bye my lovelies!

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