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Chapter 24

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Daniella's POV

I was with Guadalupe all weekend helping her with the basic wrestling moves. We went to the gym and she looked like she's been wrestling forever. I sat down and called our mystery partner making sure he was on his way since it was Sunday.

I was taking deep breaths as Guadalupe was lifting weights with Nikki and AJ. Brie sat beside me giving me a quick hug while watching Guadalupe.

"You sure she's ready for this?" Brie asks me.

"It's the only option I have, besides she loves wrestling." I tell her. Brie nods her head understandingly and we stood up to head to the arena.

When we got there it was already about to start and I got a call from our partner.

"Hey mystery partner." I say cheerfully.

"Hey, I'm in the back waiting. No one has seen me yet." he tells me.

"Good we just got here so I'll go pick you up. See you in a little bit." I hang up and started walking that way.

I saw him and smiled at him. I started going over the plan to him and he agrees to it. I smirk and show him where to get ready. I head to my locker room and saw Seth waiting for me.

"Why are you always waiting for me at my locker room?" I ask him.

"Just used to it I guess."

"Well what do you want?"

"Just making sure if you want to go through with this match. You can always back out."

I snickered," yeah right. I'll see you out there Seth." I walked past him and closed the door behind me.

Seth's POV

All three of us were in the ring waiting for Daniella, Guadalupe, and their mystery partner. Daniella and Guadalupe walked down the ramp and into the ring. Daniella went to Justin Roberts and took his microphone.

"Okay so I'm gonna announce our partner cause I'm really excited for this. You all know him by the enigma," Daniella said.

I completely froze and everyone started cheering. She smiled widely and laughed a little.

"Introducing... Jeff Hardy!" she screamed with excitement. I turned to Jeff coming out to the ring with a huge smile on his face. Randy looks super mad and I can't help but smile a little bit.

When he got in the ring Daniella hugged him with the same big smile. I lose my smile and start glaring at them two. The match starts and I'm starting with Jeff, which makes me glad I'm starting in the ring with him.

We start locking up and everyone was cheering Jeff's name, and he put me in a headlock. I push him off and stumble back a little towards my corner and I feel Randy tag himself in. I glare at him and pushes past me.

"Whats his problem steph?"

"I don't know, just go with it okay."

I sigh and watch Randy and Jeff go at it. Right now Jeff was inching towards his corner and I saw Daniella reaching her hand out for him to tag. Jeff tags Daniella as soon as Randy tags myself in the match.

We walk to center of the ring and get in each other's faces. Daniella starts pushing me back and I just snapped for some reason. I feel my palm stinging and I see Daniella on the ground holding her left cheek. She looks up at me licking her lips and she smiles at me before getting up.

"My turn." that's all she said before she started smacking my head and back. I was covering the back of my head and she started scratching.

Daniella's POV

I didn't really have a game plan for this match besides beat the authority. I was doing pretty good until he pushed me and I stumbled back. I tried a cross body but Seth caught me and was holding onto me.

"Put me down! I'm not playing around put me down Seth!"

I tried squirming around and elbowing him, but he kept walking around the ring with me. I saw his shoulder and I licked my lips before sinking my teeth in so I can be put down. As soon as I bit Seth, he dropped me and grabbed his shoulder in shock.

"Did you just bite me?"

I started scooting to my corner but Seth grabbed my ankle and dragged me back. He turned me on my back and I kicked him into his corner, earning enough time to get to mine. I saw Guadalupe holding her hand out to tag, and glanced back and saw Stephanie get in.

"You want her Guadalupe? Go get her Guadalupe!"

I moved out of the way so Guadalupe could get in. Stephanie had her back turned and Guadalupe was lining her up. As soon as Stephanie turned around Guadalupe was on top of her, hitting her head on the mat. Stephanie pushed her off but was thrown into the ropes and got hit by a clothesline. I smiled and Guadalupe dragged Stephanie to the corner, but Stephanie pushed Guadalupe and tagged Randy in. Stephanie rolled out of the ring and ran up the ramp while Guadalupe quickly tagged in Jeff. I stood there watching Jeff and Randy throw punches at each other in the center of the ring. Randy had Jeff in his corner and he tagged Seth in while stomping on Jeff's chest. Seth picked up Jeff by his hair and threw him into the turnbuckle. Guadalupe started clapping for Jeff to get back up and everyone started clapping. Seth backed up and started mocking Jeff but when he started walking back, he got a kick to the head. Jeff was inching towards us and tagged me in while Seth tagged Randy in. I got in staring at Randy while was smirking at me. He quickly pushed me into the turnbuckle and yelled at me.

"I'm gonna take my time with you!"

Randy grabbed my hair and threw me across the ring. I looked up and saw he was running towards me but I ducked out of the way. He turned around and I kicked him in his mid section hoping to gain some separation. I was walking to my corner and saw Seth and Jeff fighting outside of the ring. Guadalupe was holding her hand out to me to tag. I reluctantly tagged her in and got down to separate Seth and Jeff fighting. Once I got there I pulled Jeff away from him and took him back to my corner. I saw Guadalupe smack Randy in his face and I quickly got in to keep him from hitting her. I stood in front of Randy holding my hands in front of him to buy Guadalupe time to tag in Jeff. Randy pushed me into a turnbuckle and I pretended to hit my back wrong. I fell down onto the mat and watched as Jeff was fighting Randy in the middle. I felt someone pull me from the corner and felt myself being lifted from the apron. I looked up and saw Seth holding me in his arms, he was looking down on me and I knew the plan was working so far. I looked at the match again and saw Jeff pick up Randy and tag in Guadalupe. Seth set me back on the apron and was about to get in the ring but I pulled him back in front of me. I had to think of something quick before he tried getting back into the ring. I jumped off the apron and stood behind him and tapped on his shoulder hoping he would turn around. Once he did I wrapped my arms around his neck and wrapped my legs around his waist. He held onto my thighs and I quickly smashed my lips onto his. I could hear the crowd cheering and Randy yelling at Seth but Guadalupe took advantage and rolled him up. We both heard Jeff's music play and I pulled away smirking at Seth before jumping off and sliding in the ring.

I ran up to Guadalupe and hugged her in the middle of the ring. I looked at Seth and he was processing what happened and I started laughing. Jeff lifted me up and placed me on his shoulder as the whole arena was cheering.

That's when I heard the wicked theme song go off. I jumped off of his shoulders and stood by Guadalupe who was in the corner. I looked at the ramp and saw them coming towards the ring smiling at me.

"We're here Abigail." Bray said.

Then the lights went out and everything was a blur. I felt people grab my arms and I started screaming for Guadalupe, Dean, or someone to help but it was no use.

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