Chapter 13

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Third Person POV

Days go by, and then days turn to weeks that turn into months, as a young lady and young man go from strangers, to acquaintances, to friends, but ever so quickly they went back to strangers as the conversations ended.

The young girl always wanted to talk to him but he pushed her away like she didn't exist. The young girl did things to distract herself and to stop thinking of him but they see each other everyday so it became more difficult.

The young boy didn't want to hurt the young girl but he had to keep her away from him so she wouldn't be hurt by the demon that was coming out. Everyday he wished he could talk to her but he was forced to sit back and watch as she moved on.

Daniella's POV

I looked for Seth everywhere to congratulate him on the shield's win against evolution before they went out for their segment. I finally found him and ran up to him before he went out there.

"Hey Seth! Wait I want to talk to you." I called out to him. He slowly turned around and looked at me as I smiled at him. "I wanted to say congrats on your victory against evolution." I tell him. He nods his head and looks to start walking out but looks at me one last time before walking down. I smile as I watched from where they usually stay and smile at them.

That's when evolution's music starts playing and I see Randy and Hunter walk out. Dean and Roman move forward as Seth gets a steel chair. I watched as Dean and Roman stared them down but what surprised me next was what Seth did. I gasped and covered my mouth as he hit Roman with a steel chair and then Dean. I felt my feet react first instead of my head.

Seth's POV

I was in the ring with randy and hunter watching as they were attacking Dean and Roman. That's when I heard everyone cheer and I look at the ramp but I didn't see anyone coming so I look around until I saw Daniella running down the staircases and jumping the barricade. I stared at her with pure shock as she looked at Randy, Hunter, and I with pure hatred. Randy was taunting her every time he hit Dean and motioning her to get in the ring. She quickly ran to the time keeper's area an grabs a chair before sliding in the ring eyeing us. Hunter was laughing while Randy motioned at her to hit him with the chair. She raised the chair and was about to hit Hunter until Randy grabbed her arms and held them behind her back. Hunter grabbed the chair and looked to hit her, but Daniella quickly kicked Hunter in his balls before head butting Randy and grabbing the chair and hit Randy and Hunter on the back. She looked at me still holding the chair and started screaming at me.

"I hate you! I fucking hate you Seth! You pushed me away ever since you lost at Wrestlemania! I was there for you when no one else was or when no one would listen to you!" She screamed at me. She was about to slap me when I grabbed her wrist and she tried using the other one but I grabbed that one too. She tried pulling away from me but I held on tight.

"Daniella listen to me!" I shouted at her. She looked at me truly horrified and I saw tears form in her eyes. I sighed and looked at her before letting go of her wrist and pushing her away from me. I looked at Hunter and Randy before I felt tiny arms wrap around my neck trying to choke me out. Pushing the body off of my back, I turn around to see Daniella on the ground glaring at me.

"You ruined everything Seth! Everything from the conversations to our friendship you ruined!" she yelled at me.

"We didn't have a friendship Daniella we were just business partners!" I yell back at her stepping closer to her backing her up into the turnbuckle. She glares at me before slapping me and pushing me away.

"Get out of here Seth!" she yells pointing outside of the ring. I go out of the ring and drag Randy and Hunter out watching as Daniella checked on Dean. Roman was slowly getting up but Dean was still on the floor and Daniella was right there helping him up while the crowd was chanting Daniella's name.

Daniella's POV

I went to my locker room and shut the door and threw everything that was in my room. I was kicking and screaming until someone pulled me into a hug and I just cried there for what seems like eternity. I look up to see Brie hugging me tightly.

"We told you to stay away from them." Brie said to me.

"I thought he would be different Brie. He acted so different but it was all a lie." I sobbed to her.

She patted my back before letting go of me. She left the locker room and I quickly packed everything before heading to the rental car in the parking lot. When I get there I see Seth leaning against the trunk waiting for me. I walk past him and put my suitcase in the back seats and then I put my purse in the passenger side. I was about to get in the driver's side but Seth stopped me.

"What do you want Seth?" I ask through gritted teeth.

"I need to talk to you Daniella." he said still holding my arm.

"Well you had two months to talk to me but you decided to ignore me so I'll pass." I reply coldly.

"Come on Daniella don't act like a bitch and talk to me." he said frustrated. He looks up and realizes what he said and he sighs. "I didn't mean it Daniella just please talk to me."

"I don't want to talk to you Seth, now go meet up with your little sell out buddies in their car." I tell him before yanking my arm out of his grip and driving away from him. I feel tears roll down my face and I quickly wipe them away before continuing to drive down the empty streets.

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