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Yoora stood at the entrance of her school, taking in her surroundings. She was scared of Yoongi finding out she was the one who sent him nudes. If he told everybody, her life would be over.

She cautiously entered the school and squeezed through the rowdy corridor filled with students. She stood at her locker and opened it, taking whatever books she needed and slammed it shut. She looked around for any sign of the boy, but he wasn't around.

With a sigh, she made her way to class.


Yoongi stood with amusement in his eyes as a crowd of girls surrounded him, squealing at him and his good looks. He enjoyed the attention he received from them, it reminded him of animals who were hungry for food; except the girls were hungry for him.

''Yoongi oppa, I baked you cookies. Please accept!'' one of the girls exclaimed, shoving a pastel pink bag with string tied around it into his hands.

The boy smirked at that and took the bag. He glared at the girl until she got so flustered she ran away to her friends.

''It's always the same,'' he muttered to himself.

One of the girls, a foul-mouthed rich girl, put her arms around his neck and pressed her body into his, her chest against his. She smirked as she looked into Yoongi's eyes, however his expression was unreadable.

''When will you finally notice me, Yoongi oppa?'' she whispered, licking her lips.

Yoongi didn't answer her, in fact he didn't seem to be interested in her in the slightest.

He noticed a girl with long black hair walking down the corridor, with books clutched tightly to her chest. The girl looked up at him as she walked by, as soon as their eyes met she averted her gaze, a tint of pink coating her cheeks.

Yoongi found that amusing, he watched her dissappear behind the crowd of students in the corridor.

He pushed the girl pressed against him away and grabbed his bag, muttering a quiet ''bye'' as he made his way to class.

There was something else on his mind. Yoongi had received nudes the night before, from an unknown number. He had no idea who sent him the photos, his first suspect was Jisoo, the rich, clingy girl, however he already had her number in his contacts.

It frustrated him yet it also excited him, he decided he would definitely find the girl. He was intrigued by her body.

As he was lost in thought, someone bumped into him and fell backwards with a thump. He looked down and to his surprise, locked eyes with the girl from earlier.

He smirked. ''Looks like you fell for me, babe.''

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