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Renjun layed awake, frozen but with his eyes shut. His heart fluttered as he heard his dreamies singing to him, as well as Jungwoo. The pain in his entire body was nothing compared to the joy the voices he loved so much brought him.

When he finally felt his eyes flutter open, he saw the prettiest sight he had ever seen.

Chenle's soft blonde hair lay flat on his forehead, eyes shut gently as he sung to Renjun in harmony with the other dreamies.

"Gēgē?" Chenle's eye's snap open suddenly, a look of shock painted across his face. "Junnie, it's ok. I'm here.  We're all here" he spoke fast and choked up, completely unsure of what to do now.

"Jungwoo call the hyungs. Renjunnie is awake!"


'You've messes up this time. All of your progress! For what, a hit to the head?' You're useless'


The members of stared at Renjun, who had tears streaming down his face at a rapid rate.

"Junnie-" Renjun pushes Jaemin's hand away from him as he started to thrash around, crying and screaming for the voice to leave him alone.

"Renjun" Chenle's voice rang through Renjun's ears, and began to feel calmer. "Junnie, what's wrong?"

Renjun couldn't look anyone in the eye. "The voice" he whispers, so quietly that nobody other than Chenle could hear him.

Chenle was shocked to hear that come from Renjun, but nodded. "It's not real Junnie. We're real. I'm real" Chenle smiled, but Renjun teared up.

"How will I ever know you're real? The voice is right! I-"

Chenle softly grabbed Renjun's jaw, leaning in and connecting his lips with Renjun's.

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