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Final chapter whoop whoop!


Though Renjun had done his best to completely avoid it, it was time.

"I can't wait to go swimming again, we've been so busy with promotions" Jeno, who was sitting by Renjun said happily, having discarded his shirt before he came outside.

Renjun has been eating, stopped hurting himself, learned how to be open with members, but the only think he hasn't been able to bring himself to do at home was to get rid of the long sleeves.

Sure, Taeyong, Johnny and Taeil routinely checked his arms and legs for any signs of fresh cuts but other than those three, his bare skin hasn't been seen by anybody since the hospital trip. Not even Chenle.

Renjun sat down on the lawn next to the pool, admiring his Hyung's having fun in the water, enjoying the end of summer.

He jumped when he felt two arms wrap about his waist, but eased into it quickly when he realised it was his boyfriend.

"Hey babe" Chenle giggled into Renjun's neck, hugging his boyfriend tightly. "You going to come in? You promised you would" Renjun sighed. 

"I'm scared to take it off" Renjun muttered, leaning back into Chenle's embrace. "I don't want to be stared at." 

He felt Chenle pull back and heard him moving, then he felt him again. This time, shirtless. "It's ok, Junnie" Chenle cooed, "we aren't going to judge you. We love you how you are and they're not going to stare at you with anything other than pride."

He felt Chenle grab the hem of his shirt and reluctantly, let his cute little dolphin pull it off. He automatically retracted himself into a ball, but Chenle grabbed his arm from the front and pulled him up to stand.

Renjun couldn't look him in the eye, but Chenle smiled and kissed the scars on the inside of his boyfriend's forearm.

"You're beautiful, Renjunnie. 我爱你"

Renjun smiled, and let his boyfriend pull him to the pool.

Renjun enjoyed the last moments of his summer with his arms wrapped around Chenle and laughing with his hyungs, his tan skin exposed to the sun with white highlights all over him.

He had never been happier.


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