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Everyone stood in shocked silence, wide eyes and mouths hung open.

Chenle pulled away, and a sudden weight dropped in his stomach. What if he doesn't like me? He's probably not even gay-

"Lele" Renjun's whisper only just made it to his ears, but he couldn't meet his eyes.

"You're real..." the sick boy whispered in disbelief, before it struck him. "You like me too?"

Chenle's eyes widen and he looks back at his beautiful hyung. "Too?"

"I like you Chenle"

A small squeal left Jaemin which caused everyone to turn around and look at him, but he just shrugged. "Don't look at me! There's some cute gay shit going on"

Renjun laughed a little, making him wince in pain. "I'm so sorry" he mutters out to everyone, looking down. "I just wanted to be perfect for you, I can't be the most talented, the most attractive, the funniest, the kindest, the-"

Chenle shut up him up with another kiss.

"If I have to kiss you everytime you say something dumb I will" he threatens, unknowingly melting every single heart in the room.

Including both of Taeyong's because he has a lot of people to love and one isn't enough.

"You were already perfect Junnie" Taeil spoke, resting his hand on Renjun's shoulder. "We've said some things in the past that weren't right, but we've never stopped loving you. Watching you loose weight at a rapid speed didn't make us love you more, it made us concerned for your health."

Renjun didn't believe it.

"Watching you skip meals and try to cover it up is one of the hardest things I have ever had to face as a part of this team" Lucas said quietly, surprising everyone with his input. "You usually laugh with us over meals but watching you disappear into your hoodies and refuse food made life just that bit more miserable."

Now the guilt started to bubble inside of Renjun.

"I wish I knew straight away why you took to your longsleeves" Ten was the next to speak. "When I found you in the carpark, I called for help. Your body was on fire and I rolled up your sleeves to cool you down. The doctors said that there were over 200, Renjunnie. Not even just your arms"

Ten's voice started to break and Johnny held him tight, trying to sooth the tie boy despite his own tears.

"Renjunnie" Chenle spoke, looking him in the eye. "I've loved you since I walked into the dreamie dorm, lost and confused. Watching you hurt yourself has been the worst experience of my life. You need to get better, you can't do this to us. Most importantly, you can't do this to yourself. Or nctzens, or family. Please."

Renjun took the time to process this all.

Being told he's loved, appreciated and needed was something he never truly experienced, feeling suffocated by the world around him to do better.

He smiled.

"I love you all, and I'll do my best. Only if you help."


Hey! So I know I've been updating a lot but it's because I'm on school holidays so it's easy at the moment.

I know these things are sensitive topics, but I'm sort of incooperating my personal walk in Renjun's shoes. A lot of these things are things that happened to me while I was in this place in my life and I hope you respect that for what it is.

Only a few chapters left!

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