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Renjun was sent home from hospital two days after, seated in the middle of the van, surrounded by as many members who could fit in.

NCT in a van is basically a clown car on steroids with Korean subtitles.

The elder members cooed at the cute relationship blooming between Renjun and Chenle, even Jisung, who despite his mild saltiness thinks that they're cute.

Renjun's head rested on his love's shoulder, eyes shut gently and small smile on his lips. The chaos of is past months has been drowned out by the sweet surrounding of Chenle's giggles, soft touches and loving words.

The eldest members moved Renjun and Chenle into the 127 dorm to keep an eye on Renjun, as well as created a structured routine in order to keep him or anyone else from slipping into the mess Renjun did.

During his stay in hospital, Jondgae came and visited Renjun.

~~~~ Yesterday ~~~~

The small frail Chinese boy felt himself being shaken, and fluttered his eyes open to see Chenle smiling lovingly down at him.

"Jongdae sunbaenim is here to see you" he said softly, stroking his hyung's head and stepping out of the room.

Renjun tried to sit up but before he could start start struggling, he heard a voice. "It's ok, I'm coming to you."

Seconds later, his Sunbae was sat in the chair occupied by Chenle for the past two days.

"H-hello Jongdae sunbaenim" Renjun stuttered, embarrassed. He had never wanted one of the people he looked up to to see him in this state, sick and frail from his own actions.

"It's ok Junnie, I'm not disappointed in you. Also, call me hyung ok? I don't want to feel old just yet!" Jondgae jokes, smiling at the boy. Renjun smiles back shyly, happy to know his Hyung wasn't disappointed in him.

"I know it's difficult for you to be going through this, but you need to be strong. Our company is shit but we don't have to bend over backwards to please our members. Our members care for us the way we are and when we try to change it we're only hurting them more.

I watched Minseok hyung go through this and I'm sure Mark knows that, he spent the night in Minseok's apartment crying" Jongdae smiled sadly, stroking Renjun's hair.

"I've hurt everyone and I don't know what to do" Renjun's voice cracked with emotion, a sea of anxiety and tears welling up from his stomach to his eyes. "There's so much damage done to our group because of me. Why was I so selfish?"

"You weren't selfish, Junnie. You were selfless, but now you may just need to be that little bit selfish. Please yourself rather than pleasing others from time to time, and the world will seem just that little bit brighter"

~~~~ present ~~~~

When arriving at the 127 dorm, everyone shuffled inside into the large living room and found a place to sit. Taeyong stood in front of everyone with a whiteboard that appeared in the dorm at his will last night, and a schedule was written on it.

"Firstly, it's good to have everyone here. We are not NCT if we are not all together as one. Secondly, this is the new schedule your hyungs have prepared for everyone on our team"

Taeyong gestured towards the board.

"This schedule is not based on time, rather what we need to do in our day. Our kind manager hyung has spoken to SM himself and the first thing we've eliminated is our diets. Of course, we'll still be eating healthy as long as I'm in charge of food, but, we will not be restricted from food."

He points at more things, and explains as follows:

- if fighting with another members and will not talk it out, talk to somebody. Do not suffer alone and someone is always on your side.
- no weighing or measuring yourself. Only doctors and stylists need to measure you.
- everyone has to eat 3 meals a day and we will fight the company if they attempt to ignore us. Unless you are sick, shut up and eat your brocoli.
- no overworking yourself. If you are wanting to practice overtime, someone needs to stay with you.
- everyone needs love. No cuddle shaming allowed.

Everybody comes to an agreement and signs the group contract created by Taeil and Jaehyun, a few members giggling at the "no cuddle shaming" rule.

Mark moved into the dreamie dorm in order for Chenle and Renjun to having his room, and once all of this things were out, Chenle and Renjun crashed.

Falling into bed with their cute pjs on, Renjun was quick to cuddle into Chenle's side who wrapped a protective arm around his hyung.

"Renjunnie hyung?" Chenle asked quietly.

"Yes Lele?" The sleepy boy asked.

"Will you be mine?"

"Of course, silly. I already am."

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