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17 people packed into a single hospital bedroom was a horrible idea in theory and in practice but NCT are apparently professionals and make clown car specialists shook.

Chenle's mind racing faster than the tears on his cheeks was a phenomenon that should never be experienced, but the conscious members of NCT bear witness.

He reminisced on the feeling and the love he has felt for Renjun since he first showed up to the dreamie dorm unannounced, zero Korean language skills and a killer vocal range.

He spent time with Renjun, who taught him out to communicate with his hyungs as well as to accept himself into the new family he had stumbled upon at SM.

Holding Renjun's hand as the IV drip attempts to give life to his hyung and his love, he wonders how he let Renjun become this.

Everyone felt it.

The only person to not leak a single tear was Jungwoo, who was still left in a heartbreaking trance since the afternoon before.

He should have stopped him, held him close and fed him well, was all Taeyong could think about.

They should've known known from the shake in his voice when he even sung the happiest songs, was all Taeil and Doyoung could hear echoing through their heads.

They all saw the signs, but they didn't see Renjun.

"Hyungs" Jisung was the first to speak for two hours. "He will wake up, but we can't sit here in silence and hope that the world will keep turning without him. We know damn well it won't and we're going to fix it now"

Jisung stood up and pushed passed his hyungs to the side of Renjun's bed.

"You will wake up, and we will fight for you. I promise" he choked out before storming out, an objective in mind and a world full of hurt prepared for those who tried to stop him.


I know I post short chapters but I mean I'm posting at least (???)

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