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When they arrived back to their dorm, all of the dreamies except Mark flocked to the bathroom.

(Though Mark is in NCT dream, he chose to live with 127. His choice, Renjun supposes)

"Aish, so much makeup to take off, I could be asleep right now instead of doing this" Haechan's whining took no effect on any of the members, seeing as it happens everytime they take their makeup off.

Sweaty and tired, they take turns to shower, one by one hitting their pillows soundlessly and drifting off into dreamland.

Renjun has just put his sleeping shorts on when he turned to look in the mirror.

"Wow" he breathed out quietly, looking himself up and down in the mirror. His reflection showed a thin yet fit boy, slender and almost feminine; a little unusual for a teenage boy.

What Renjun saw didn't quite reflect that. He quickly pulled his jumper over his head, opting out on wearing his long sleeve shirt tonight. 'It's not that warm'


"Hyung!" Renjun shoots awake, looking up at the person on top of him in shock. Looking at the person make him realise it was just Jisung, he relaxed.

"Yeah?" He asked, trying to stifle a yawn. "Can you make breakfast? Everyone else is asleep and I don't want to bother the older Hyungs"

Renjun nodded and waited for Jisung to hop off his body for him to slide out of bed, only to be questioned again "why are you wearing a hoody? It's warm" Renjun shrugged and smiled "I just felt a little cold. Don't worry, I'm not ill"

He placed the plate of pancakes on the counter and the dreamies all took three each, mumbling thanks to him and separating. Renjun felt a small pang in his chest when realising that they had left nothing for him.

"You don't need it anyway" he mumbles, "they probably thought you grabbed some anyway". Jeno came into the kitchen again, one pancake left on his plate. "I'm not hungry enough to eat the last one, you want it?" He eyesmiles at Renjun tiredly.

"No thanks, three was enough for me Jeno-ah. Make sure you eat well!"

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