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It wasn't long after his meeting with Jongdae that NCT were taken back to their dorms, crashing on the sofa or on their beds as soon as they walked in. Renjun only laid still for a few minutes before he had a thought.

Rummaging through his things, he found a small plastic sharpener and after a bit of searching through the cupboards, he found a small screwdriver.

He then found himself in the bathroom, door locked and bath filled. He began unscrewing the exposed sharper blade, grinning to himself when he heard the blade drop onto the tiles. He placed the shaper with only one blade on it and screwdriver on the bench and picked up the blade.

17 harsh, red lines littered his arms as the water in the bath turned red, Renjun's whole body screaming due to the extremely hot water and burning cuts.

'You're doing so well, Renjunnie! You're making progress now'


Sorry for the very short update, but low key dedicated to @zhongrenjum for actually voting and commenting ❤️

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