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Renjun found himself back under the shade, sitting cross legged on the ground reading his book. Well, not reading, but thinking very hard about what he should do to get better. He's starting to make his list:

- get to 45 kgs (possibly less)
- keep communication at a minimum to avoid being an annoyance
-practice dancing and singing after everyone leaves
-exercise more
-eat less

And the list is sure to expand when he finds more to add.


The rude awakening from Jisung happened a second morning in a row, but this time, Renjun wasn't so happy to see him. As soon as he felt a presence on his bed, he kicked them off and yelled.

Jisung landed on the floor, tears brimming in his eyes as he grounded in pain. "Ah!" Jisung cried out, clutching onto his arm. "That hurt!" Renjun's stomach sank.

Chenle and Jaemin ran into the room to see what caused such a commotion to find Jisung crying on the floor and Renjun's stunned face and silent tear running down his face as he sat frozen in his bed.

"Hyung pushes me off his bed and now my arm hurts" Jisung sniffled, pulling Jaemin's sleeve. The look of anger on Jaemin's face scared Renjun and Chenle, and they both flinched when he started to yell.


Renjun felt that.

Tears started streaming down Renjun's face as he whispered out a quiet "sorry Jisungie" before running out of the room in his sleeping shorts and hoodie, downstairs and out the front door. He sat himself down on the stairs of the dorm.

"Ouch!" He helps in surprise as he felt a soaring pain in his right hand, then the warm blood dripping from his palm. He'd cut his hand on the railing of the fence, which he just sat and stared at.

'There's something to add to your list' the voice cackled in Renjun's head, 'whenever you do something wrong, punishment shall be enforced.'

Renjun unconsciously nodded his head to agree, before shoving his hand into his large black sweatshirt. The blood stain won't show that way and then they won't notice it. Genius.


The entirety of NCT dream decided to ignore Renjun after what he'd done to Jisung, and Renjun just accepted because he knew he deserved it.

The blood was still seeping through his hoodie without Renjun realising, slowly seeping into his light wash jeans. NCT dream got up from their spots around the practice room; everyone had been with someone except Renjun. They started the playlist of all their songs with choreography, and started to dance along. As soon as Renjun took centre in chewing gum, Mark stopped dancing. Confused, the rest of the dreamies stopped too and looked at where Mark was looking in horror.

On Renjun's right thigh, there was a huge red stain on his jeans. Renjun's blank face suddenly turned into one of horror, looking into the mirror and meeting Mark's eyes. "Renjun-ah..." Mark trails off as he started to walk towards him, "what is that?"

Renjun choked on his words a bit, before replying "I just had a small cut on my hand. I didn't realise it went on my jeans." He tried to turn back around but Mark caught his right arm and ripped up his sleeve, causing Renjun to scream in agony as his hoodie was ripped from his skin, attached by dry blood.

Renjun's hand starts to pour with blood, and all the members of dream stared in horror and Chenle screamed, causing Taeil to come in from the practice room next door.

"What are you screaming about! We're trying to- oh my god" he cut himself off mid sentence and rushed over to Renjun. "Renjun how did you do this? This is massive! You can loose a lot of blood you need stitches oh my god" Taeil literally sweeped Renjun off of his feet and ran him out of the practice room, leaving the dreamies to soak it all in. Well, not the blood on the floor. Just the situation.


Renjun and Taeil sat in the Nurses's office after she'd given him stitches, telling him not to do anything with his right hand until it's healed. "What happed Junnie?" Taeil sighed rubbing Renjun's back.

"I accidentally cut it on the railing of the dorm" he explained. "Why were you outside before we were all supposed to leave?" Taeil asked quizzically, and Renjun explained what had happened that morning.

"They shouldn't be ignoring you! It was an accident" Taeil's disappointment was evident with the rest of the dreamies, and Renjun panicked. "No wait" he said, putting his head down.

"It's not their fault. I deserved to be ignored after hurting our maknae. He's a part the centre for black on black! I just carelessly pushed him, I deserve it. Please don't get upset with them!" He felt tears brim his eyes for a second time that day, before standing up and walking out. "Thank you Hyung, I'll be sure to look after my stitches."

~~~Taeil's POV~~~

As Renjun hurried out of the room, I anxiously dial Johnny and wait for him to pick up. "Hello? Taeil?" Johnny answered, his voice peeking up a bit when saying my name. "Hey" I answer back quickly. "There's something up with Renjun. The dreamies are being mean to him for the accident that happened this morning" there was a moment before his reply, "yeah, Chenle told me what happened after he stopped crying" my eyes widen at that fact.

"Chenle was crying?" I ask, surprised. "Mhm. Rambling in chinese about Renjun and wanting him to be ok, saying sorry over and over again. Lucas had to physically carry him and lock him in a training room by himself. He was going mental without him."


Renjun sat quietly in the private SM lobby, trying to call his mother. After failing to reach her multiple times, he gave up and decided to head back to the training rooms.

"Renjun?" He turned around to see Jongdae, flushing bright red and bowing. "Hello, Sunbaenim." Jongdae flashes a bright smile at the chinese boy's response, "aish, Renjun! You're so polite it physically hurts me!" His laughter dies down a little bit when he sees Renjun's bandaged hand. "What happened to my poor dongsaeng?"

Renjun's embarrassed aura turns into a more depressing one, whispering "it's nothing. Just cut my hand."  Jongdae sighed lightly, bringing Renjun into an embrace. "You need to be careful, ok? I can't have our dreamies unwell" Jongdae looses his hug and speaks again, "you're so tense. I'm not going to hurt you!"

"I'm sorry, I'm just tired. Bye Sunbaemim!"

With that, Renjun was gone once again.

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