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"Lele, you need to step outside"

Jungwoo's tone made both Chenle and Renjun freeze.

"Hyung?" Chenle asks slowly, "are you ok?"

Jungwoo's eyes starred through his soul, before he spoke. "I need to talk to Renjun. Please step outside."

Renjun quickly yanked his sleeve down, slowly trying to edge his way out of the room. Jungwoo broke the intense eye contact with Chenle when he realised what Renjun was trying to do.

"Renjun! Stay put. Chenle, go!" He barked, and the two did exactly as told, scared out of their minds for their own reasons. The second Chenle left the room, the tears started to pour out of Renjun's eyes.

"Renjun-ah," Jungwoo started walking towards the small Chinese boy, "put your arm out for Hyung"

Renjun shook his head furiously, crossing his arms over his chest. "Hyung there's nothing wrong, I just had a sunburn and I scratched it" he lied, unable to look his hyung in the eyes. "Please"

Jungwoo felt his heart wrench.

He should've seen the signs.

'You can get out of this, you need to be quick'

The voice echoed through the practice room and around Renjun's head, and he did what he neither Jungwoo were expecting.

He lifted up his sleeve, and smiled brightly at his hyung.

"It's so red from the sun, it hurt a lot but I've been applying cream everyday! It's easier wearing long sleeves to protect it"

Jungwoo was left stunned.

Looking at the arm, it was clear as day that there was no sunburn at all, and no human nails create the carnage on the fragile boy's arms, but his beaming face said otherwise.

Renjun saw his opportunity.

Leaving his stunned hyung in his dust, he sprinted out of the practice room, down the hallways until he was at the basement level employee parking.

He stood off the last step, before crashing down onto the concrete floor, out cold.

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