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Bold = chinese

Renjun managed to avoid eating lunch, merely because nobody had realised that he just simply didn't put any food on his plate. He kept his eery silence as he sat at the far end of the 3rd table, occupied by the Chinese members of NCT.

"I swear they're feeding us more and more, I'm trying to stay presentable" Kun laughs out in chinese, "can't say it's an issue though." Everyone sitting at the table babble away in Chinese except Lucas, who turns around and lightly jabs Renjun.

"Aren't you going to eat, Renjun?" Not expecting the question, he quickly responds "too much for breakfast, Gege" but as he says that, his stomach grumbles unpleasantly causing Lucas to look at him weirdly. "Sure" the giant baby mutters in English.

"Please eat Jun, ok? We need our cute chinese boy to stay alive" Renjun just weakly smiles and nods in response and stands up along with the rest of NCT and heads back to the cars.


127 dorm decided that due to the warm weather and early dismissal from practice, they'd open up the pool in the connected backyard of the three dorms.

Completely disregarding the fact the heat is sweltering and everyone else is shirtless and either swimming or socialising, Renjun still chose to hide away in the shade with a light oversized long sleeve and blank knee length basketball shorts, reading.

When he looked up from the chinese book we was reading, he was face to face with the eight of 17 attractive guys, but one always stood out, not even because of his body and paler complexion.

Chenle coming out of the pool laughing made Renjun's heart flutter at he didn't like it.

'You're so useless'

Renjun looks around in shock to see who said that to him.

'Fat and talentless, what a waste. NCT don't need you and will be better when you leave'

Renjun began to feel himself shake uncontrollably and hold back tears. He lifted himself up from his place on the floor, tosses his book quickly and ran away from the what he was hearing.

'You can't run, Renjunnie. Listen to me, I'll help you get better for them. I promise!'

Renjun stopped before he entered the dream dorm.

He didn't mind that the sound of that.

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