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Heading to practice is always a challenge for NCT, especially went they get one wrong car. That one wrong car is a seat short.

"Taeyong Hyung" Jaemin tapped the leader on the shoulder, "we don't have enough room in the car for all of us!"

Renjun stood outside of the car, confused and starting to panic a little bit. They wouldn't have this problem if I wasn't here his thoughts were cut short by his name being called out. "Jun-ah, come sit on your hyung's lap! It's a short trip" Yuta opens his arms and Renjun immediately starts to panic.

You're too fat to sit on his lap his brain screams at him to back away and run but he keeps it together and steps into the van and lets out a small Yelp when he's pulled down into the Japanese man's lap.

"So heavy Jun-ah, my legs are going loose circulation!" The 7 others in the van laugh at Yuta's -obviously not serious- statement, except Renjun who tries to smile but looks down shamefully.


Dance practice had just come to an end, 18 bodies in the room causing the heat to be all too much for some members who began to strip their shirts off left tight and centre. Tight, toned torses and arms being exposed picked at Renjun's mind as he fans himself with his Korean grammar book.

"Renjun Hyung! You're still wearing your jumper? Are you crazy? It's so hot" Jisung whines, pulling at Renjun's sleeve, encouraging him to remove it. "It's ok Jisungie, I'm in that hot."


Renjun's heavy chest and aching stomach only add to the heat and sweat accumulating on his body. Having skipped both dinner and breakfast, his stomach was hurting but Renjun could manage. His new goal was what he would work for and then maybe he'd be a little better and more appealing for fans.

Despite the fact he's already the lightest member of NCT, he has to be the lightest. After all, he's still the ugliest and the fattest and there's no way he'd accept that fact as anything but truth.

Slipping out of the practice room, Renjun goes to the nurse's office and knocked on the door. He waited for a reply for a moment and smiled nicely at the nurse who opened the door. "Hello Doctor Park, I was just wondering if I am allowed to be weighed? I missed out last time."

In SM, they recently restricted idols from weighing themselves and were only allowed to be weighed by nurses. Renjun had lied, he was there for the last one. It wouldn't hurt though.

"Of course, come in" she escorted him into the room, "can you please take your jumper and shirt off along with your shoes?" Renjun hesitated momentarily but agreed, taking them off.

Relief washed over him as the cool breeze from the air conditioner fanned over his bare skin but snapped out of it once the nurse spoke. "Aish, Renjunnie, you're so skinny! You need to be weighed, you may need to be fed more!"

Renjun paled.

Oh no.

"I'm sorry I think I have to go-" Renjun slips his shoes on in a rushed manor and quickly pulled only his hoodie on and rushed out, yelling out a polite "have a nice day!" And disappearing down the hallway back to the dance studio. When he arrived, nobody had noticed him leave.

Well, except Chenle. Chenle always knows.

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