Chapter 16

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As the days went on, Alfred and Arthur were closer than ever. Each day that went by they realized was one day more till the day Arthur had to leave the states. They tried not to think about it, but when one would forget about it, the other would complain about it.

What went on during those days were very entertaining.

Like Alfred chasing Matthew around the town because he wouldn't delete the picture of him and Arthur sleeping. One day Alfred took Arthur to the graveyard to meet his parents. Alfred's aunt trying to give them the sex talk. They went down to Memphis another day. Going to a town fair, Christmas on the square. Alfred taught Arthur to square dance. Up until today.

The day Arthur had to get on the plane to go back to London.

The car ride to the airport was silent. Neither of them wanting to say good bye. Because saying good bye was a moment without being with the other.


When they got up to security, it was the farthest Alfred could go, legally.

"Ya know you don't have to get on that plane," Alfred tried to convince him. Arthur smiled sadly.

"You and I both know I have to go," he said on the brink of tears. Alfred grabbed Arthur and hugged him tightly. Almost as a lifeline. Arthur dropped his bags and hugged his Alfie right back.

"Its not fair," Alfred said into Arthur's shoulder.

"I'm afraid I have to leave now or I won't make my flight, poppet," Arthur said releasing Alfred.

"Call me when you land, okay?" Alfred asked holding in his tears.

"I promise," Arthur said and kissed his boyfriend one last time.

"Make sure you Skype me," Alfred said while pouting. Arthur chuckled and kissed his head.

"Good bye Alfie," Arthur said sadly walking away from Alfred.

"Bye Artie," he said waving at him. Then, Arthur waved back and turned back to the line. A little girl came up to him and lightly tap him to get his attention.

"Are you alright mister?" she asked Alfred.

"No, I'm not," he answered truthfully.

"What's the matter?"

"Someone very important to me is getting on a plane that's going to England. And I prolly won't get to see him for a while," Alfred said kneeling down to the little girl.

"Why don't you go visit him in England?" she asked innocently. He chuckled.

"I low on funds at the moment my dear."

"I bet if you get like 4 jobs you could visit your friend in no time!"


So, he did what the little girl said and applied for as many jobs as he could with him being in school, too. Only one would hire him. And that ladies and gentlemen is McDonald's. Then, on some weekends Alfred mowed people's lawns. Later, he did his homework

By the end of the first two months of this routine, Alfred was exhausted. At the top of list was keeping his relationship with Arthur. Almost every day they Skyped until either one had to sleep or go to their job.

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