Chapter 2

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Hello me again. I don't own anything, enjoy.


Two years later...

Dear Arthur,

I was thinking that we need nicknames! You could be England since you live there. Oh! You could be Iggy! I could be America since I live here. It could be so much fun! Anyways I sent you one of my comics with this letter. Now you can see what I read all the time. Also there's a box and it has this green bunny with wings cause I know you like all that cute stuff. Considerit a late birthday present! Everything is fine here. And I got a new horse yesterday to! She's really pretty! What should I name her? Theres a picture of her with the comic. Write back as soon as you can. Bye bye!


Alfred F. Jones


Dear Alfred,

First of all, I refuse to be called "Iggy." Also, no "Artie" either. For "codenames" I guess I could be called England. I saw the comic book, and it is very bright colored and doesn't have many words in it. Now I know why your grammar is so bad. You should read some actual books for a change. I also saw the bunny, and I want to thank you for it. I really love it. I think I'm going to call it "Mint Bunny." Good for you that you got a horse. Try not to fall off it. You should name her Elizabeth. It's a beautiful name for a beautiful horse. Really, that is a striking horse. What breed is she? Goodbye for now.



P.S. Work on your spelling, Poppet.

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