Chapter 14

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Hey there everyone! I'm so glad you guys like this story so much. By the time you read this I'll be in California. The time change is not fun. Anywho, enjoy this new chapter! (not proofread)


Arthur and Alfred were abruptly awoken by a very annoying and loud alarm clock. Alfred groaned and tapped the top of the clock, yet the noise wouldn't stop. He sighed and opened up his window. He then found his wooden bat and hit the alarm clock out the window and into the back yard.

Arthur looked at him in shock. Alfred on the other hand just plopped back down on his bed.

"Did you just destroy your alarm clock?" Arthur asked looking at him.

"Yeah I guess I did," Alfred said muffled by the pillow. Before Arthur could say anything there was a banging on the door.

"Alfred Jones! I know you did not break another alarm clock!" His aunt yelled through the door. Alfred by this point was wide awake and now freaking out.

"!" he said loudly while moving around searching for something. He went underneath his bed and pulled out an identical replica of his alarm clock.

"You are so lucky since you have company over that doesn't live in this country. Otherwise, you would be working til sunset," his aunt said and then walked away from the door. Alfred sighed in relief.

"Do you always destroy your alarm clocks?" Arthur teased him.

"Not always! Just..during the breaks," Alfred explained while shrinking away in embarrassment. Arthur chuckled and crawled over to where he was hiding.

"Do we anything planned for the day?" Arthur asked.

"Not much I guess, but we could go get your eyebrows plucked," Alfred joked and crawled away from Arthur.

"Why you little imp!" Arthur called before chasing after a very amused Alfred. Alfred then got caught by Arthur, but then Alfred lost his balance. The next thing that they knew was they were on the ground. They happened to land with Alfred on top of Arthur.

They both caught up with reality and turned as red as tomatoes.

"Uh..sorry Artie," Alfred said getting off of Arthur. Said person sat up and his blush eased to a light blush on his cheeks. In Arthur's view, Alfred looked absolutely adorable. At the moment, he was fighting  a pending nosebleed.

"It's fine really," Arthur said to ease the tension and Alfred's blush. It didn't do so much for his blush, but Arthur liked Alfred blushing because of him.

"Yeah, so, let's go down stairs and I'll make us some breakfast," Alfred said quickly standing up and holding a hand out to Arthur. He took his hand and stood up with him.

They made their way down stairs to find Matthew and Gilbert cuddling together on the couch watching some anime about countries being people. (MWHAHAH yes they're watching Hetalia)

"Oh, you guys are watching that show again," Alfred said not amused that a delinquent was with his sweet, younger cousin.

"Yes Alfie, now play nice with Gil," Matthew warned him, really both of them.

"Whatever. Anyways, Mattie this is Arthur and Arthur this is my cousin Mattie," Alfred introduced. Matthew turned around and smiled politely.

"Hello there, nice seeing your face for once instead of on the phone," Matthew said standing up and holding out his hand. Arthur slightly smiled and shook his hand.

"Likewise," said the brit in the room. Gilbert held up a peace sign.

"I'm the awesome Gilbert."

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