Chapter 3

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Dear England,

Aw no Artie? If we ever meet in real life I'm definitely calling you Artie! Also I named my new horse Elizabeth. Just like you said! Oh and today I got my report card and I didn't get any Ds this time! All Cs and an A in P.E. I'm really good at climbing that rope! Oh oh oh and Matthew finally made his school's hockey team. So yay for him. I think he's the best player on that team. What about y'all's school? I bet it ain't as bad as mine. Anywho I'm really glad you like your gift. Back to my awesome horse I'll try not to fall off her. But the dogs might spook her. Anyways I guess that's all so bye England!



P.S. I have my own dictionary that I made up so I spell good enough.

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