Chapter 9

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Hello there everyone! Here's the next chapter. Hope you like it!

Just so you do get confused, at this point Alfred is 13 and Arthur is 15. The point when the phone call starts.


~4 years later~

Alfred ran into his house and got to the phone right away. He quickly dialed Arthur's phone number.

/Riiiiiiiing/ /Riiiiii-

"Hello?" Arthur said into the phone.

"Hey Artie! Guess what!" Alfred said excitedly, nearly screaming.

"Alfred, calm down! I can't talk very well if you blow my ear drums," Arthur said a little annoyed.

"Sorry," Alfred said sheepishly, "I'm just really excited."

"I can tell. Now, what happened?" Arthur asked.

"Oh, I got my very own cell phone! That means we can text each other now!"

"Oh really? That's great to hear, but have you even figured out how to use it?" Arthur asked.

"Oh it can't be that hard to work it," Alfred said.

"Trust me. It can," Arthur said sadly.

" new cell phone number is (777) 777-7777."

"Alright I shall put it in my contacts when we hang up."

"This is gonna be so cool 'cause now we can know what each other looks like!" Alfred exclaimed.

The Brit froze for a moment. ".....if I send you a picture of what I look like, you cannot laugh."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I may not be very easy on the photogenic side...or the brows..."

"Artie, I just wanna know what you look like. I'll send you a picture first if you want," Alfred said trying to ease Arthur.

"That would make me feel better..."

"Alright! I'm gonna hang up and send you a picture, so bye Artie!" Alfred said and hung up.

After a moment, Arthur's cell phone screen lit up.

Message received from: (777) 777-7777

The picture was of Alfred with a blue plaid shirt on. Jeans, boots, and a big cheeky grin to go with with blonde hair and blue eyes. Also, his square glasses.

Arthur was surprised at how Alfred looked like. Nothing bad just, wow. Now it was his turn to send a picture.

Message sent: 7:36 P.M.

In the picture, he had on a white button up shirt, khaki slacks, no shoes at the time, his messy blonde hair, green eyes, and his larger than normal brows. Plus a slight smile.

Arthur hoped that Alfred didn't stop talking to him because of his looks. Wait, he couldn't think this. He had been his best friend for nearly six years.



Woah lookin slick there ;)

Message received: 7:58 P.M.

Oh lord. It was Alfred after all.


I do try.

Message sent: 7:59 P.M.


Dude! Now we can talk like during school and all that

Message received: 8:00 P.M.


Let's not get too crazy now.

Message sent: 8:01 P.M.


U r no fun :P

Message received: 8:01 P.M.


Spell out your words.

Message sent: 8:02 P.M.


Y? Its just txting

Message received: 8:02 P.M.


Just do it you twit.

Message sent: 8:03 P.M.


But I dont wanna

Message received: 8:04 P.M.


Too bad. Anyways, I must go to bed. So, good night, Alfred.

Message sent: 8:05 P.M.


Awww D: ok good night Artie!!

Message received: 8:06 P.M.


Done! I swear Alfred is such a dork XD. Anywho, review it! And I shall see you next time. Bye!~

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