Chapter 11

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Hello there everyone! Sorry about the sad chapter, but this one is much happier. I don't own Hetalia.


~ 2 years later ~


Happy 15th birthday, Alfred.

Message received: 3:56 P.M.


haha thanks Artie!

Message sent: 3:57 P.M.


Also, happy independence day in your country, too.

Message received: 3:58 P.M.



Message sent: 3:59 P.M.


Shut up you git.

Message received: 4:00 P.M.


hahahaha I knew you were gonna say that

Message sent: 4:01 P.M.


Don't blow yourself up with fireworks.

Message received: 4:02 P.M.


ur just jealous

Message sent: 4:03 P.M.


Oh yes, just terribly so. Oh, and your present should arrive today sometime. I sent it a week ago.

Message received: 4:04 P.M.


aw hell yeah! wait is it a BS present like I got you last year???

Message sent: 4:05 P.M.



Message received: 4:06 P.M.


Get your lazy ass in here and finish the dishes

Message received: 4:07 P.M.


jeez ok calm ur tits

Message sent: 4:07 P.M.


How bad Is it?

Message sent: 4:08 P.M.



Message received: 4:09 P.M.


I think you mean how brilliant it is.

Message received: 4:10 P.M.


Yeah yeah anyways I gotta go do the dishes before Mattie sheds his human form and kills everyone

Message sent: 4:11 P.M.

{Artie} bye then. Send me pictures of your bloody fireworks.

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