Chapter 12

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Hello there! I'm glad you liked the last chapter. This is just a little thing I thought of. So sorry for the long wait! (I love Frozen, too by the way) P.S. Sorry if it's a little short.


_When Frozen first came out_ (so like 2 years later)



Message sent: 4:55 P.M.


Would you stop? It's just a film.

Message received: 4:56 P.M.


Just let it go Artie

Message sent: 4:57 P.M.


I will cut out your tongue.

Message received: 4:58 P.M.


U still havent seen the movie yet you peasant

Message sent: 4:59 P.M.


I don't think I want to see it.

Message received: 5:00 P.M.



Messages sent: 5:01 P.M.


Would you stop sending me lyrics if I did?

Message received: 5:02 P.M.



Message sent: 5:02 P.M.


Why do I even bother?

Message received: 5:03 P.M.


Haha brb gotta go bug mattie

Message sent: 5:04 P.M.


Alfred put his phone in his pocket and ran over to Matthew's room. Alfred was OBSESSED with the movie Frozen and couldn't shut up about it. He busted the door open and and started to sing.

"LOVE IS AN OPEN DOOR!!" He yelled at Matthew. Matthew on the other hand was just as obsessed.

"Go away Anna," Matthew said.

"Ok bye," Alfred said sadly and started to walk away. But came back and started laughing. After a few seconds, Matthew started laughing, too. His aunt and uncle hated the movie though.

Now that Arthur was going to watch the movie he needed something new to bug him with.

"Yo, Mattie."

"Yo what?"

"Do you know if there's anything I can use to annoy Artie with?" Alfred asked. The Canadian though for a moment.

"Well there is this thing called don't hug me I'm scared and it's pretty messed up. I think it was made by a British guy," Matthew said.

"What do you mean it's messed up?"

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