Chapter 7

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Hey guys, I forgot about this one...hehe... But it's here now so enjoy!


Dear America,

I knew you were going to fall off that horse. I say this again, don't call me Artie. My name is Arthur not Artie. Anyways, that's very kind of you to say that about me. To tell the truth, you're one of my only friends. (I'm not counting the French frog that won't leave me alone.)

Now, to answer the phone question, I do own a cell phone. I'll put your number in my phone. Also, so your parents don't get freaked out, this is my number:

(455) 123-9876 (Also, might be real. Don't call.)

Of course your arm is going to itch. It's trapped. I don't know if you're this desperate, but I heard you could stick a clothes hanger under your cast. Alfred, have you heard of transitional words? That is a clever for her, too. However, you still need to work on your grammar.




Yay! Done! I'm serious don't call these numbers. Anyways, review what you think of it please~!

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