Chapter 15 <3

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Hello there everyone! Sorry I was late last time, but this time will be different, hopefully. Anywho, I hope you like this one! (Didn't proofread)

Warning: Cute confessions, mild swearing, smart ass remarks


Arthur and Alfred just stared at each other for the longest time. With each minute Arthur got redder and redder. Said blushing person finally looked away.

"Arthur, do you like me more than a best friend?" Alfred asked while walking towards him. Arthur rolled his eyes.

"If I didn't why would I even bother putting a heart next to your name?" Arthur remarked while looking away. Alfred smiled and called his own phone with Arthur's. They could here his ringtone, Accidentally in Love.*

He gave Arthur's phone back and picked up his phone. He typed something up and sent it. Arthur felt his phone vibrate and looked at the message Alfred sent.

{Alfred <3}

ya know I like you more than a best friend to. I mean it might be a little awkward at first but I think it could work! so would do ya say? wanna give this a try Artie??? :)

Message received: 8:07 A.M.

Arthur slightly smiled and sent Alfred one in return.


Well, it won't be easy, but I think we could manage. For the 15 days we have together, let's make them count.

Message sent: 8:09 P.M.

Alfred looked at his phone, smiled, and blushed. Arthur crept his hand slowly into Alfred's. They didn't look at each other just held hands and smiled to themselves.

"So, you wanna go do something?" Alfred asked facing Arthur.

"Well, I've never been here before so I don't know what's here." Alfred thought for a minute.

"We could just sit arou-" Alfred said getting cut off by the phone ringing. Alfred picked up the phone.

"Hello? Yes, this is me. Really? Right now? I don't mind its just I got company over. Well, he's not the most religious guy. Yeah, we'll be there. Bye, sister," Alfred said and hung up.

"Who was that and where are we going?" Arthur asked.

"I hope you don't mind kids," Alfred said sheepishly.


Arthur around the loud orphanage. Alfred cleared his throat and all the kids lined up.

"Hey guys, this is my boyfriend, Arthur. Be nice to him," Alfred said. Arthur turned bright red. One little boy raised his hand. "What is it Jake?"

"Is he like a boy that's a friend?" he asked innocently.

"No he's like a girlfriend, but he's a guy," Alfred explained.

"Oh, ok. Will he play with us?" he asked and a lot of the other children were wondering the same thing. Alfred chuckled.

"Maybe in a minute. First, he has to learn  all of your names. Ok, one at a time say your name and if you want you can say your state." Arthur looked confused about the state thing. "Oh, all of them are from different states." And one by one Arthur got to meet all of them.

"Hi! I'm Penny from Pennsylvania."

"Yo, I'm Carol from North Carolina."

"Yeah I'm Carly from South Carolina."

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