Chapter 4

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Dear America,

I will personally rip out your tongue if you call me "Artie." Also, it's good that you named her Elizabeth. It was the Queen's name you know. Good job for you not failing anymore. You shouldn't get Cs but baby steps.

How do you climb that bloody rope anyways? I can't even get off the ground when trying to climb that stupid thing. I've only heard a little about Matthew. He's your twin right? Anyways, congratulate him for me. "Ya'll" isn't a word. To answer your question, it's a private school. So, there are many more athletics that I do not wish to participate in. Also, I bet you will fall off her if she heard your grammar and spelling. Thank you again for the bunny. Good bye for now.



P.S. When is your birthday again? And use the official dictionary!


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