Chapter 10

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Hey guys! Just gonna warn you that this one is gonna be sad. Like extremely for our little American over here. Anyways, I hope you don't cry because of this. (Cause I did.)


~A couple of months later~



Message received: 7:42 P.M.


Hello to you, too. Just ease up on the y's.

Message sent: 7:43 P.M.


cant help it, im soooooooo bored :P

Message received: 7:44 P.M.


Why is that?

Message sent: 7:44 P.M.


Mama and Pa went out on their date night 2nite

Message received: 7:45 P.M.


Am I not enough entertainment?

Message sent: 7:46 P.M.


yeah but Mattie aint here to teach bad words in french

Message received: 7:47 P.M.


I worry about you sometimes.

Message sent: 7:48 P.M.


aw how thoughtful of u, anyways i know how u study 4 school so talk to you 2moro

Message received: 7:49 P.M.


Oh, you pay attention to my habits? Well, then, goodnight Alfred.

Message sent: 7:50 P.M.


Have fun studying and good night! :)

Message received: 7:51 P.M.



Can we talk? Its important...

Message received: 3:26 A.M.


You do realize it's almost 3:30 AM here right?

Message sent: 3:27 A.M.


Arthur, it's life or death.

Message received: 3:28 A.M.


Arthur was very confused at the moment. Alfred had rarely called him by anything but Artie. He did the math and figured it was around 10 PM where Alfred lived. Maybe he would talk on the phone?

Arthur went to Alfred's name and clicked the call button.

/Riiiiiiing/ /Riii-

"Hello?" He heard Alfred say.

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