Chapter 8

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~Ziva's pov~

It was 1 pm when they were all ready to find Sarah's aunt. Tony was wearing jeans and a shirt and she was wearing skinny jeans and a white tanktop, after Tony insisted. It was 23 degrees in Amsterdam, and apparently that was a warm day. Sarah was now wearing a little green dress.

It had been an awful lot of work to give her a bath: Sarah was throwing foam at her all the time and she had to dodge it, because she was already dressed. Not the smartest approach...

They walked out of the hotel and started there search. 'Where does Angelina live?' She knew the name of the street by hard. 'The street is called "De Herengracht".

It's number 17.'

While they walked to that street, she was wondering why she had listened to Tony when he told her to wear skinny jeans...

Sarah was enjoying her surroundings in a buggy that had been in the private jet, Tony had to carry it all the way to the hotel when they got out.

Amsterdam was uge! After a one hour walk, Tony and Sarah started to get hungry and she felt her stomach growl too. They stopped at a park that was in the middle of their way to get to Angelina's street, the 'Vondelpark'. Tony sat down on a bench and she pushed the buggy in to his hands. 'Take care of her for a few minutes, I am going to get us some food.' She saw that he was starting to panick. She put her hand on his shoulder. 'Tony, you will be fine, calm down! Two minutes, you can do it,' she said smiling. He was such a irresponsible child sometimes, she would have to change that...

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