Chapter 7

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~Tony's pov~

He had been right: his back had had a terrible night on the plane chairs. And he had to get up twice because of Sarah: once to change her diaper. He didn't want to wake Ziva up, so he did it himself, not without a struggle: Sarah had peed on him when he took of her diaper! So he had to change and after that, it took him one hour to fall back asleep. And an other time because she woke up and she tried to crawl out of the cradle, half crying. Probably a bad dream...
The plane landed after an eight hours and fourty minutes' flight. It was now 10 am. He stretched his back and followed Ziva, who was again holding Sarah and was pretty cheerful (probably slept well), out of the plane while carrying all the luggage. They first went to their hotel, the Amstel Hotel. When they got to the hotel desk, he spoke for them.
'Hello, we would like two seperate rooms please.' The woman behind the desk smiled at them friendly and spoke in good english, but with a subtle, charming Dutch accent.
'I am sorry, sir, but we only have one room left. Will that be a problem?' He looked at Ziva, who shook her head and said: 'No, it will not, we will take it.' The lady nodded, stilling smiling and handed him the keys. She looked at Sarah. 'What a lovely baby you two have there! What is her name?' Ziva grinned, but didn't tell the woman it wasn't theirs. 'Sarah.' 'What a beautiful name!'
'Thank you! Have a nice day!'
'To you too.'
And they went to their room to take their shower and change. He could use a good shower after his plane-and-diapers-adventure of that night...

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