Chapter 3

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~Tony's pov~

He watched Ziva and the baby with a smile on his face. Sarah was now laughing and Ziva was looking at her with a big smile. She was so good with children! When he took a step closer to make Sarah laugh, she just stared at him while he pulled funny faces, and suddenly she started to cry! He jumped backwards, shocked about what just happened. Before Ziva calmed Sarah down, she laughed, the sound of it overruling the cries.
He laughed to, but only to make the situation less akward. He was emberrassed that even a baby, that didn't knew better yet, didn't like him. Then Ziva finally managed to stop laughing and started to appease Sarah, who stopped crying after a few minutes. He sighed in relieve.
'You need to stop trying so hard! Here, just smile at her!' She stepped a bit closer next to him so that he could see Sarah's face properly, close enough to feel Ziva's warmth. He had the strong urge to come even closer...
He looked at the little girl, who stared at him. He tried what Ziva had told him: he smiled at Sarah. After a few seconds of staring at him, Sarah herself cracked a smile. Ziva smiled as she looked up to him, and he just stared at her, still smiling. 'You see!' she said, as she bumped into him with her hip, 'just be nice and she will love you!'
He hoped that worked with Ziva too...
Then his phone rang. He picked it up. 'Hi Tony!' It was Abby.
'Hi Abbs, what do you have for us?'
'If you want to know, you'll have to come down the lab, and bring the baby! I need to see her cute little baby face!'
And with those words she hung up. He looked at Ziva. 'I think Abby wants to meet our baby.' Ziva chuckled, and he then realised how that must have sounded. 'Eh.. I mean... She wants to see Sarah.' He then walked to the elevator, hearing Ziva's footsteps behind him.

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