Chapter 5

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~Tony's pov~

He and the rest of the team followed Ziva with their eyes as she got into the elevator, knowing that she needed to be alone for a while. After twenty minutes, they all got back to the squadroom, except for Abby, who stayed in her lab. As McGee sat down, he walked over to him and crouched next to him. 'Does Sarah has any family left? Someone who can take care of her?' McGee started typing and a picture of a young woman popped up. He started talking loud enough for the rest of the team to hear it. 'Sarah has an aunt, Angelina Decker! The reason we couldn't find her before, was because she lives in Amsterdam and she broke with Christina, Sarah's mother, a few months ago. They had a fight about Sarah. Angelina wanted to have her, because she didn't think the marriage of Sarah's parents was strong enough to have a baby. Apparently, she was right.'

He saw Ziva's face light up as she heard the news and a smile started to break through. Bu that dissapeared when Gibbs stood up and said: 'McGee, grab your gear, we're going to Amsterdam.' Gibbs walked towards Ziva to pick up Sarah, but she rolled her chair back, out of Gibbs' reach, and stood up, holding Sarah firmly. 'Gibbs, I would really appreciate it if you would let me escort Sarah to Amsterdam.'

He saw that Gibbs was going to say no, he had to help Ziva out.

'Boss, I'll go with Ziva, if you want.' Gibbs looked from him to Ziva, and then slowly nodded. McGee then stood up. 'Boss, you can't bring a baby on a plane, I think you'll have to ask Vance for a private jet.' Gibbs sighed as he walked towards the stairs to the director's office.

When Gibbs was out of sight, Ziva walked over to him. 'Thank you, Tony.' He nodded at her, smiling. Anything for her. This time, anything would probably include crying babies, turbulence and pain in his back because of the 'wonderful' night he was going to spend on the plane chairs.

But he would do it for Ziva and Sarah.

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