Chapter 14

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~Tony's pov~

"Let me go in first. She might recognise my face."

"The last time she saw you, she attacked you, Anna."

"That's the risk we'll have to take, Ziva. There's still a small chance that she'll recognise me. And when one of you gets in first, she'll panic for sure. We'll have to have faith in that small chance of recognition."

He knew she was right. And so did Ziva. He nodded at Anna and she turned around, facing the door. He saw her take a deep breath. Then she exhaled and opened the door slowly.

He and Ziva followed her as she went in. They walked slowly and in silence, as they didn't know what was going to happen next.

He looked around. The living room was gloomily lit. As beautiful as the house had looked from the outside, as old and dirty it was from the inside. The wallpaper was completely torn and the furniture was dusty.

"They bought the house like this," Anna wispered, seeing the surprised look on his face, "because they had enough money to renovate the house. Max' job was well paid. They started with their bedroom, then they did the room for the baby and then they did the kitchen. Carmen never had the chance to renovate the remaining rooms of the house because of what happened."

He felt sorry for Carmen. One moment she had everything she wanted and the next minute everything was taken away from her...

When they had walked up the stairs, still following Anna, Ziva stood still in front of the door of the bathroom.
He and Anna noticed she wasn't following them anymore and they stopped too. They turned around to face her.

"I think they're in here, do you hear that?"

They kept silent in the hope to hear something too. A soft sound was indeed coming from the bathroom.

Anna walked back to the door.
"Should I... Knock?"

Ziva nodded. "It is smarter to knock and let her know you are coming in than if you just barge in. Something could go wrong."

Ziva's last words made him shiver. Something could go wrong if they didn't knock, but it could go wrong even if they did. His heart started beating a little faster.

Anna nodded and knocked on the door. The sound coming from the bathroom stopped. He was holding his breath to try to hear something from behind the door. He was getting more and more nervous because of this situation.

Then a voice spoke, the same voice that had yelled had him at a park!

"Wie is daar?"

Dutch... Of course...

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