Chapter 11

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~Ziva's pov~

She walked to a large square in the city called 'het Leidse plein'. Tony was walking behind her, but far away.

When she shouted at him, he had looked so sad and guiltily, that she immediately regretted her words when she spoke them. He couldn't have done this onpurpose, he said that that woman stole Sarah... But it was too late to take her words back now.

She stood still in the the middle of the square and desperately looked around in the hope to see Sarah, but she didn't know what the woman looked like and Sarah was so small that she was almost invisible in the crowded city of Amsterdam.

Tony finally came closer and stood still a few meters from her. "It was a blond girl with pink hair on the bottom. Green eyes, brown shirt and jeans."

Both looked around, but they still didn't see her.

Suddenly a young girl, approximately 20 years old, came running at them.

She had brown hair, that looked like it wasn't her natural color, and blue-ish eyes. She looked like she had been running for quite a while.

When the girl arrived at them, she started talking in Dutch, gasping.

It was already a hard lenguage and it wasn't really helping if the girl gasped in between every word. After three sentences, Ziva just gave up.

"I am sorry, could you please calm down? I do not understand a word you are saying if you gasp like that."

The girl stopped talking and looked at her, then at Tony, and back at her. Then she took a deep breath and started to talk again, this time in English:

"The woman who just ran away from you is my big sister. That baby she had must be yours!"

Tony spoke before she could.

"Yes, she was. Do you know where your sister went?"

The girl thought about that for a moment. Then she answered.

"She must have gone to the busstation, not far from here. I'll take you there. Follow me." And she started to run in the direction her sister went.

Tony looked at her, a questioning look on his face. She nodded and they both followed the woman.

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