Chapter 15

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~Tony's pov~

He looked at Ziva with a questioning look. She silently formed the words "who is there" for him to read of her lips. This she would have to do for the entire conversation.
He nodded lightly at Ziva and then to Anna to let her know she should go on.

"It is your sister. Anna. Do you remember?"

"Anna! Of course I do! What a silly question! How are you? It has been a while!"

"Yes it has. Can I come in?"

"Yes! Come on in, Nicky and I were just preparing ourselves for a nice bath."

Anna looked at him and then at Ziva. She then opened the door and there Carmen was, sitting on the edge of the bathtub with Sarah on her lap. They were both still fully dressed, but the tub was full.
Anna walled into the room and Ziva and he were standing in the dooropening, exposed to Carmen's sight.

"And who are these people?"

"They are American friends, they came to visit you and Nicky."

Carmen then stood up with Sarah in her arms, alarmed at the word 'friends'. He and Ziva took a step forward, into the room, sp they could handle quickly if they would have to.

"Friends?! They do not look like my friends, Anna, these people look like the people who are going to take me to the hell that people call the madhouse."

She went to stand behind the bathtub, that was now in between her and the others. Sarah was still in her arms. He feared the worst and took another step into her dirrection. He now stood next to Anna in the middle of the, not very big, bathroom. He wanted to take another step into her dirrection to try and take Sarah, but Carmen started yelling.
"If you take one more step into my dirrection, I will drown my Nicky! And you will be the one to blame not me." A mad smile appeared on her face, as to say she was being smarter than him. He didn't understand what she had said, but Ziva had understood the majority of her words, therefor grabbed his arm and wouldn't let go of it. He figured he had to stay were he was. Ziva whispered what Carmen had said in his ear while Anna tried to distract Carmen with small talk. He looked at Ziva and then back at Carmen, thinking of a way to get Sarah back in Ziva's arms... No wait, her aunt's arms.
He would have to be very quick, because Carmen was not about to get distracted by Anna, she was way too upset. She was starting to hold the baby above the water...

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