Chapter 4

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~Ziva's pov~

They walked into Abby's lab. Abby immediately came running to them with little steps on her big, black boots. 'Aww! Is that Sarah?! She's so cute! May I hold her?!' she said, jumping up and down. She nodded and carefully placed Sarah in Abby's arm, who started to rock the baby slowly. Sarah exteded her arm and grabbed one of Abby's piggytails, pulling it. 'Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!' Abby tried to loosen Sarah's grib, but she pulled even harder, laughing. 'OUCH! Sarah!' Everybody started to laugh with Sarah. She stepped closer to Abby - still laughing - and gently took over Sarah again, her arm under her butt, so she was sitting straight in her arms. Sarah immediately let go of Abby's hair. She heard a snigger from behind her and turned around. Gibbs was standing in the doorway and then walked over to them. 'Whatayah got, Abbs?'
Abby quickly turned around and started typing, two pictures of bullets popped onto the screen. 'The two bullets are identical, Gibbs. The bullets were fired from the same gun, the one you found in the wife's appartement. There were no other fingerprints on the gun, only the wife's. She's the killer, Gibbs!' He smiled. 'I know, Abbs,' he looked around the room, to everybody, 'she just confessed.'
She was happy that they caught the killer, but then she looked at Sarah. She would have to live without a father for the rest of her life, and she just lost her mother to prison too... She felt sorry for her, as she knew how hard it was. She felt tears well up in her eyes.
The room was silent, everybody was staring at Sarah, who just looked around, not knowing what was going on. But Tony was looking at her, not Sarah.
'Are you hungry?' she asked the little girl, who just looked back at her. 'Lets get you something, then.' And she quickly walked to the elevator with Sarah, away from Tony's concerned gaze.

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