Chapter 6

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~Ziva's pov~

As soon as she saw Gibbs walking down the stairs, coming back from the director's office, she stood up from behind her desk with Sarah in her arms and walked to the middle of the squadroom. Gibbs walked over to them. She and Tony looked at him hopefully. 'Go home, pack your things. You're leaving in two hours.' She smiled and looked at Tony, who was smiling too. They both went home. She took care of Sarah's stuff as well as hers.

After one hour, Tony was standing by the door to pick her up to go to the airport. The whole trip to the airport was filled with her stressing about if they had enough diapers and warm clothes for Sarah and Tony assuring her that they had more than enough.

And after another hour, they where finally in the plane, after saying goodbye to Gibbs, McGee and Abby, who ofcourse gave them a big bear hug before they left.

It was getting dark, when they where high up in the sky. Sarah's eyes where starting to flutter and hers were too. Tony was quiet, but he didn't seem very tired. The plane had a cradle that was attached to one of the couches of the plane She carefully placed Sarah in it and tucked her in. When she turned around, she saw Tony looking at her. 'What?' He smiled, shaking his head. 'Nothing... It's just... I imagined you being a mother and all. It's kinda cute, how you deal with Sarah.' She smiled. 'I used to take care of Tali when my parents where not there. I love children.' He grinned. 'Wanting your own child, Agent David?' She thought of the idea. A child, with the man she loved. Maybe the child would have those beautiful green eyes...

She sat down, lay back and closed her eyes. 'One day, maybe. If I find the man who would want to share parenthood with me. And you?' He didn't answer for a while, as if he was thinking about it. Then he spoke. 'I would like to be a father, some day. But I don't think I'm able to raise a child.' She opened her eyes and looked at him, given that he sat across from her. 'You would not be alone in raising your child, your wife would help you out too. I am sure you are very capable.' She meant it. He smiled at her and closed his eyes. She did the same.

And she slowly fell asleep...

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