The glowing; truth, sword and arms

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Deans POV:

Im surprised the kid didn't get whiplash from the speed his neck turned to the pretty ladies conversation. He looked really agitated and kept glancing around suspiciously. Meanwhile me and Sammy were tucking in, we know we might not get a meal -free one at that- for a while so we were eating a lot. Percy was still starting at the lady when I cleared my throat to get his attention, it didn't work so Sammy tried something else:

"Ok Percy we need to tell you the truth," Sam started getting Percy's attention, "So you know about angels right due to Zachariah." Percy nodded looking queasy. He kept looking around and staring at the woman, not noticing most of the other patrons in the diner looking at him. "So as you know about Angels, you won't find it that hard to believe in Demons?" Sammy asked Percy who was nodding absentmindedly. 

"What moose is trying to say is that we hunt Demons." I said. He wasn't listening, he again was looking around. He suddenly stood up reaching into his pocket with wide eyes.  His breathing had hitched and the temperature was lowering, not very quickly, a normal person wouldn't have been able to feel it. 

"Ok cool hold that thought, I need to go get something from my room be back soon." He said, he hadn't heard. He ran, almost anyway, and the whole room seemed to freeze until he walked out. Most of the people there looked relieved looking at each other. The temperature quickly sprung back to it's normal heat.

"Ok I'll bite," I said looking at Sammy with a mouth full of food, "What was that about?" This was too freaky, that kid knew something and so did the other people. Something we didn't. 

"Yeah I have no idea, there has to be something going on did you notice the temperature and-"

"The creepy people staring at him from like the beginning. Dude maybe this is like the Adam situation." I asked. The other people looked like they wanted to eat us and kept on glancing at us and at the door where Percy left. 

"No it's not like-" I cut him off as the Lady in the Red dress that Percy kept on staring at walked past, linking arms with a man with a name tag that read Balder. 

"But Vinayaka claimed that Demi-god blood tasted the best. We don't need Crusty son of Barnacle to talk about what we will do. If anything he will get in the way, and don't mind Poseidon he will easily sire a new son. The Greeks tend to reproduce like Jack-Rabbits." She said. Walking past the table, they got too far away for us to hear but we got the gist. We were dealing with Gods and Percy was in the center of it. 

Percy POV:

Ok Percy, its ok you will be fine, that mean Indian Goddess isn't going to harm you with Mercury here. Mercury would tell dad and she would be, I don't know what other gods do to other Gods to punish them. Put her in God Jail and throw away the key. Send her to be fed to her pet lion. Or maybe dad's favorite, just plain old drowning, that always seems to work. 

These corridors have gotten longer and more numerous. I can't believe Mercury, giving me the room furthest away from anything. As I walk past a room I hear a weird noise, a kind of high pitch trump. Like an elephant. And there it is. Oh crispy nuggets its Ganesha, just keep walking. 

"Get away Graeca, your cursed. You and that girlfriend of yours. Oh yeah my condolences. What good is a hero if he can't save one insignificant life." A smug, fat, vaguely elephant looking god said. By this point I had stopped completely, my back was facing him luckily as he couldn't see the tears forming on my face. 

I had to keep going otherwise, someone's ass was going to get smote today. 

"Oh well I guess that the Greeks can only save the world. Or maybe you didn't want to save her maybe you wanted the honour of being the only survivor, of what is it called, 'the place where gods go to die.' Can't be that bad I bet that my armpit is worse." He really wanted to get smote today. 

"Oh well" I start, "I guess the other Gods don't have the power to save the world. How's Immortality looking there Gan, your looking a little saggy around the waist, and you skin looks so dry. Maybe you should listern to Cassandra and Moisturize. Your looking your age." I say back, trying to not get my anger to have the better of me. 

"Oh yeah you might want to change your carpets, they look like there drowning for attention." I say while walking away, and also breaking the sewage pipe in his room leaking all the nasty smelling stuff into his room, this made me smile. 

After that little incident I got to my room quickly enough, after hiding around the corner near Ganeshas room hearing him curse and sputter in anger was quite funny and therapeutic. Unfortunately he didn't seem to get my Doctor Who reference, so I mean he must be very angry. As I reached my room and pulled my key out and pulled it open, a hand came slamming down on it angrily.

I groaned. Loudly. I don't need a lecture, especially not from Mercury. I turned towards him with the most innocent look on my face. 

"Yes" I say, mentally bricking it his face, you know that over used expression, 'I looks could kill' yeah now I can see why. It is very apt for this occasion.

"Percy, please tell me that what Ganesha is saying about you is not true. Please tell me you didn't flood his toilet with sewage." He seethed pulling the door open and stomping in. I stepped in and lightly closed the door.

"Yeah that was me." I said, "but-" I never got to finish he had me up against the was with his arm banded against my chest. 

"Do you know what that might mean." He shouted slamming me against the wall. "Do you know what you could have done if you accidentally drowned him. War Percy inter Pantheon War. Poseidon is already on thin ice with the Hindu Pantheon. Look i'm sure you had your reasons and I respect that but I can't let you get in the way tonight, you are going to stay here until I let you out." He walked to the door, as I sprawled on the floor after being held against the wall. 

"Wait, Mercury. I'm sorry, but he insulted Annabeth and I-" I was cut off by the sound of the door slamming shut and the lock in the key turning. When I finally realized what he said.

"What do you mean, what is going on tonight." I run to the door searching my pockets for the key. My breathing escalated as I couldn't find it, he must have taken it. 

Riptide will be able to cut through the door. Their is the pen. It uncapped but nothing happened, no magical sword, no glowing piece of long sharp metal, only my disappointment.  

"I'm sorry Percy its warded in there you can access Riptide until I let you out. Your cousins will be fine just stay put until we deal with them and the Angels and I'll let you out." 

Wow I've really come circle haven't I. I've been betrayed by my family. I slump against the wall and sigh I now realize why there was not a window just in case I needed to be locked up like an animal. This is going to be a long night. To awake to go to sleep, but due to unseen circumstances I am not able to walk about. 

Now who is going to save the Winchesters.

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