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Percy Winchester? by scarletto101
Percy Winchester?by Rainbow siren
This is a story about how the brothers have found a half brother. But it was not from there fathers side. What happens if the fates brought back Mary Winchester so there...
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Percy Winchester: Not Alone by just_keep_scrolling
Percy Winchester: Not Aloneby just_keep_scrolling
Pretty much a Percy Jackson/Supernatural story. Percy won't be related to the Greeks, but will still have power over water. Sally dies the Winchesters adopt him, you k...
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The Demigod Hunter [Hiatus] by that_archergirl
The Demigod Hunter [Hiatus]by Maralee
The Winchesters find themselves in New York on the trail of Yellow Eyes and end up finding that Sally Jackson, single mother and former Hunter of the Supernatural, is th...
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