Wow what a great name for a Motel, I feel at home.

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Sam POV:

The car journey was, to say the least, awkward. They had run out of things to say when Percy had asked about why they had so many measures in place, claiming, 

"It's like your criminals!" No one had laughed, and Percy had sobered up with a sigh and a quiet prayer. To who, no angel I hoped. Me and Dean both agreed that it would be best to get to a Motel before telling him anything. Percy kept on tapping on the window sill. I could see that this was pissing Dean off. 

"Kid" Dean shouted, "stop with the tapping!" 

Percy who looked sheepish, as if he hadn't realized he had done it retracted his arm apologetically, "sorry, ADHD is going crazy."  

Wait this kid has ADHD, 

"Have you got any of that medicine, don't you have some." I asked. 

"I don't use it I feel vulnerable if I take it it makes me feel droopy and slow, it slows reactions down. I also have Dyslexia, so don't get me to read anything." He said looking out the window. "Where did your friend, Castiel go?" He turned and looked me in the eye. Just as we pulled up to a Motel called the Elysian Fields. Percy chuckled at that. 

Dean started to open the door of the car and I followed motioning Percy to do the same, he looked annoyed at not getting answer, but talking about Cas when he is gone around Dean is a touchy subject, especially after Zachariah's death, and the looming threat of both Heaven and Hell. We agreed that we will talk when we get into our room.

The front of the motel, well hotel really, was very nice. The thunderstorm that mad us go here instead of other was lucky, kind of coincidental. But if this place has nice food and a soft bed I will not be complaining. Both Dean and Percy look like they could use a sleep.

"Lets go in and see if they have any free food, then we can go to the room and we can answer any question you want. OK Percy." I said, dashing to avoid the rain. Both Dean and Percy seemed to liven up at the mention of food. 

"OK Sammy, ladies first." Dean said slowing down at the door letting me go in. Percy came in last, whistling at the nice furnishings. 

"You sure we can afford this place. Don't want to spend life savings on off road hotel's." Percy laughed, looking at Dean who nodded along with him, about to say something, he was cut off by the receptionist.

"Don't worry Gentlemen, the rooms are extremely affordable and because of the thunderstorms driving people. Dinner is on us, and as it is family owned with our own we have our own wine made by my families very own 'wine god'. Well that's our nickname for him anyway. Would you like two separate rooms or three?" The nice Receptionist, 'Mercury' asked.

"Um no thanks," I started, "we can only afford one." I smiled apologetically, he returned a smug smile claiming, 

"No you would only have to pay for one, this ones," he said leaning over the counter to ruffle Percy's hair, "father has paid for his room already, so you would like two rooms then. Due to the hotel being a bit crowded your rooms are going to have to be separate." He finished with a smile banishing two identical keys, one he handed over to a suspicious looking Percy who looked like he didn't want to take the key, and one over to Dean who was leaning on the desk not, having not listened. He was, as expected, staring intently at a striking woman in a red dress. Who was whispering angrily to a suited man next to her, oblivious to Deans staring.

"What do you mean Percy's father paid, how did he even know we were coming." I said for a pale looking Percy, who looked like he didn't want know. 

"Well, Percy, your dad is looking out for you, even if you didn't know or want. He knows that you want to be left alone, but you need to know he won't let anything happen to you. He is protecting you to the best of his ability." At this Percy looked angry, very angry. He glancing down at his key as he turned around with his bag slung over his shoulder, and stormed off to his room. 

"I will meet you in the Dining room, in 10 minuets." He said in a bitter and harsh way. At this Mercury sighed watching him go. 

"Look here you lumbering pieces of flannel. You protect that boy, and if you let anything happen to you, your pretty eyed angel boy will not be able to scrape your bodies of the pavement. Tread carefully and if you are in a situation wear he is telling you what to do, you do it. He will save your lives. Anyway I have to get back to serving, here are some napkins for the cuts on your necks, you mustn't have felt them. They are bleeding quite badly." He said stiffly while moving onto a couple who had just arrived. 

"I guess we shall go see our room and get freshened up for dinner. How much time did Percy say to meet." Dean asked walking in the direction of the split corridor, taking the right one, the opposite direction to the way Percy went. 

"Ten minuets." I said absentmindedly pulling my bag higher on my shoulder. Something feels wrong, but I can't put my finger on it. 

Percy POV:

 Ugh I hate the gods sometimes. Just let me hang out with my new brothers in peace, Jesus. I'm so mad i'm ready to pray to another deity. I can't believe the nerve of Dad and Mercury. Like how creepy can you get, I don't need to be watched 24/7. All this is going through my head as I head to my room to freshen up. The room is down so many corridors, and more corridors, and impossibly another corridor. There it is 0818. Finally.

I quickly freshen up and chuck my bag on the bed and start the long trek back to the lobby/ lounge thing. And another this is now the Winchesters are gonna start asking questions. Ones that I don't really have the patience to answer at the moment. Please and thank yous. 

I finally get to the lobby the same time as S and D and we find our way to the restaurant. As we sit down after getting some food and after a little small talk I hear,

"Who invited that Crusty Barnacle's half-breed." I whip my head around as fast as my neck allows, and I see someone who I really wish stayed in India.


The fates hate me, why should the one Goddess that Dad has managed to piss of in the last century find her way into the same Hotel as I am. Well at least I know it is some convention, and why I got the room furthest away from the action. 

The gods, knowing them were probably going to sacrifice the Winchesters. Great now I have to protect them. Oh look there is father and son, Odin and Baldur, and is that Zao Shen and Ganesh, they never get out, not once have I seen he out side a Godly meeting, respectively, with there own pantheon. This mixture of powers, I've never seen such variety before. They must be scared. 

I'm proud, there are no Greeks, kind of shocked that Zeus is not getting into the Drama, but i'm proud. This means that something big is happening and Sam, Dean and I are in the middle of it.

Changing writing styles. If you prefer the other one please comment, but this one is easier and quicker to write. :) 

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