A Fiddle of Gold

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Sam's POV: 

I was suspicious, to say the least, with Lucifer still out there  and the perfect hotel suddenly showing up on a imperfect highway. Especially in the middle of one of the worst storms I have seen in a long time, I was suspicious. Most of the other guests had been openly staring at us for most of the night and they had been glaring at Percy and furtively whispering with each other while glaring, even though he was not making the the situation any better by glaring back. With some even using ancient signs of warding toward him. The only person that seemed comfortable in his presence was the desk manager.

This was all to much of a coincidence. We were still in the diner when I had confronted Dean he had claimed that Bobby was monitoring for Lucifer and that he would call them if anything had come up. He also said that no one was giving up and this was not a case and we should not make it into one, especially after Percy. Dean seemed to believe that Percy should be brought into the business slowly and that we shouldn't even mention the apocalypse in his presence,  until he meets at least one Demon. In his opinion this was just the perfect place to be, the best pie with the prettiest ladies ever, and a comfortable place to tell Percy about the life style, and to not get anyone killed.

"You finished" I asked with eyebrows raised, even though I had seen Dean eat in motels he had not gotten the nuances of proper human etiquette and had started to lick his plate clean. Much to the chagrin of the woman that Dean had been staring at. "Your girlfriend seems to prefer men who don't act like undomesticated animals and leave their plates needing to go into the dishwasher." 

After a grunted reply and a sheepish look Dean picked up his napkin and delicately dabbed it to the corner of his mouth before flouncing out. 

"You coming Samuel, wouldn't want to disturb the others any longer." He said with an exaggerated posh accent. 

We went out of the buffet room behind a couple and stopped at the desk with a flustered looking Mercury talking angrily on the phone,

"Yes Ganesha I did manage to get you another room," angry interruptions followed as Mercury continued with barely a sigh. "yes I know he should be punished, but i'm not doing it." Another interruption followed with him looking more and more angry my hair started to rise and the back of my neck began to prickle, yes this was definitely going to turn into a case weather Dean liked it or not. "Yes I'll make sure his father hears, but I doubt he would care, he does not like you. And No I cannot do... One minute I have guests I have to talk to, I loath to cut the conversations short but I really have to go. Ta!" This was followed by inaudible cursing as he put the phone done and smiled hungrily at the Winchesters, and I could see the tense set of Deans shoulder to know he felt the same as I did, that this was not going to be a peaceful night.

"Sorry about that, there was flooding in a room and a certain customer loves to complain. Now," He said with a smile and flourish of hands, "what can I do for you two tonight." His tone on the word tonight felt like a threat, like he was asking a mans last words. His smile and his movements were quick and practised and seemed to flow together like a snake, he was hypnotic in that way. 

He also had a long neck, so it might be that.  

"Do you know if Percy made it to his room safely." I asked, Dean staring intensely at the guy, again Dean had quite a small attention span and nothing held his attention for long, apart from Cas, and his long stare showed his uncertainty.  

"Oh yes, he made it perfectly well and by the looks of it has settled for the night, so its probable he wont come out again." He said while organising something under the desk. "Anything else, no good I have to go see you later." and with that he opened that funny little trap door desk thing and hurried out. 

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